Excelian today announced that a leading financial institution in Asia Pacific had successfully outsourced its testing stream to Excelian for the delivery of its recent Murex upgrade to MX.3 using the FEM approach. 

The bank knew that upgrading from their MxG2000 platform to the latest version of MX.3 would bring significant business and operational benefits, but would need to be managed carefully given the size and scope of the front to back, cross asset class installation.  So, to accelerate the upgrade, reduce the delivery risks, and increase IT team’s productivity, the bank chose Excelian’s “SMART SUITE” automated testing software and managed testing service to design, build and execute the testing phases.

In adopting “SMART SUITE”, the bank fundamentally changed the way it approached application testing. By introducing effective test automation it was able to ‘plug and play’ existing trades; automate trade lifecycle events, simulations and output reconciliations; but most importantly it freed specialist resources to concentrate effort on new functionalities and defect resolution, confident in the knowledge that core functionalities would be validated in a single mouse-click.  The difference was focus!

Excelian, a market leader in the provision of Murex services, worked with the bank and the vendor to develop an optimised Murex testing strategy and framework, to define fit-for-purpose testing coverage, to design new test cases, to exploit existing trade population as test data, and to establish automated output reconciliations.

Excelian also supported each phase of testing (including smoke testing, functional and non-functional testing, SIT and UAT) as well as providing environment management and batch processing configuration.

John Williamson, Head of Testing Technology at Excelian added “Excelian’s testing solution combines predictive analytics and expertly defined rules for the fast, accurate and flexible responses to changing testing patterns in real time”.

The automated testing capability has left a real project legacy to support the bank in the future – whether it is regular production releases or future upgrades of their main-branch MX.3.

Mark Jolley, Senior Partner, Excelian APAC said “‘SMART SUITE’ enables the bank to respond to defect remediation with more agility and speed. It also makes it easy for the bank to quickly replicate functional tests and enhance user-defined test cases which leads to increased delivery quality, testing coverage and rapid regression testing.”

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