Bucharest – October 8, 2014 – Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, announces the IT Star: Sander Mak to present on October 16th at 5pm CET. Mak, who speaks regularly at international developer conferences and crafts scalable software at Luminis Technologies, will return to Luxoft’s Technology Series with a presentation called “TypeScript for Java Developers.” Sander will demonstrate that with TypeScript it is possible to add some class to client-side development and stop JavaScript from growing out of control. With a decade of experience on the JVM, Sander Mak specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Data analysis and machine learning are also on his ever growing list of interests. Sander loves sharing his knowledge and passion for high-quality software development through his blog at https://branchandbound.net and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine. He was the star of the seventh Luxoft’s Technology Webinar on “Data Science with R for Java Developers.”

Luxoft’s Technology Webinar Series (LTS) offers IT Professionals around the world the opportunity to share their experience via a global IT Knowledge Platform. LTS is a next generation educational initiative fostering open source best in class expertise sharing. Professionals can register at www.luxoft.com or participate via Luxoft’s YouTube channel.

TypeScript is an optionally typed superset of JavaScript. It adds classes, interfaces and other object-oriented constructs familiar to Java developers. In the end it all comes down to regular JavaScript for consumption by any JS runtime be it a browser or for example, Nashorn engine.

The presentation will introduce TypeScript from the perspective of Java developers who also write JavaScript on the client side. Using live coding, Sander builds up a single-page web application that talks to Java back end. The presenter will show that it's more modular, less error-prone and more fun to code in TypeScript.

To participate in the webinar with guest speaker Sander Mak, please register at www.luxoft.com/lts

More information on Luxoft Technology Series is available at a dedicated website www.luxoft.com/lts


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