When do things crystallize?...

One of the special aspects around Qt is that many things crystallize just before the next Qt developer event. Earlier, that were Qt Developer Days…

Today, those events are called Qt World Summit. I was thinking of this as we recently had heard that Qt 5.12.0 will be released! at the beginning of the next week. And this is, guess, just before the Qt Word Summit in Berlin! which starts on the December 5th.

The magical pressure of the next Qt developer event as a deadline has an influence on us. We tried hard to get our new blog done before the event in Boston, but just one approaching event was apparently not sufficient: we did not make it by that day. For Berlin, we are going live. And we are going to Berlin as well. Luxoft is sponsoring the event in Berlin and has a booth. At the booth we will show the latest version of the Qt Automotive Suite!. We had shown an early version during the event in Boston:

Qt Auto at the event in Boston

The works on our components in Qt Auto (this is the short name for “Qt Automotive Suite”) are getting close the release date, whereas our release is timed with a certain lag after the Qt release being used as a base, since we need to test our components with the final Qt version. We will write a separate post about new features some time in the near future.

And this is not all. Bram, the maintainer of the Reference UI component, will give a talk titled “Reference UI by Qt Automotive Suite - The Neptune 3 UI”. In this talk, Bram will explain the role of the Reference UI in the Qt Automotive Suite and present the new architecture we’ve started to introduce since a while.

Happy reading on the blog! See you at the event, hopefully at our booth!

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