Legacy modernization

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Why you need to modernize

Your mainframe is a lumbering beast you ignore at your peril.


Overly complex and expensive to run, the mainframe sits at the center of the technology landscape for many organizations like yours. Of course, if it were possible to replace or fix your legacy system relatively easily, without too much effort and risk, you’d have done it already.


However, delaying the inevitable is a risky business — the consequences can be far reaching — and the longer you leave it, the riskier it is.


Working with Luxoft to modernize your legacy technology will help you cut costs, reduce risk and ease your mind. And the advanced open-source technologies, comprehensive test coverage and continuous integration our experts utilize and establish, will help future-proof your platform.

Our solution

Luxoft’s engineers will help you get to grips with your legacy estate, initiating a wealth of modernization activities along the way. In fact, our tried and tested methodology is so adaptable that it can be applied to any modernization project, no matter how complex.


Our experienced and highly skilled teams will resolve your particular challenges, regardless of the legacy technologies involved — things like z/OS mainframes, AS400 / iSeries, mainframe emulators, obsolete languages such as FORTRAN and so on.


We’ll help you understand the modernization scope and determine the amount of effort involved. Also, the team will work with IT and business stakeholders to set and maintain realistic expectations for the work ahead.

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Why Luxoft

Clients engage Luxoft when they need to migrate a complex, business-critical system, and keep risk to a minimum. After all, we’ve been modernizing and migrating mainframes for over 20 years now, and our top-class engineers are fluent in both legacy and modern technologies including cloud, QA and DevOps.

That said, modernizing mainframes is never as simple as some might expect. Every now and then, suppliers propose a 6-month turnkey migration which, in our experience, rarely works. The cold, hard fact is, that 77% of organizations have failed to complete at least one modernization program.

Luxoft has helped the world's largest enterprises design and successfully complete custom/hybrid migrations where other, stock approaches have failed. Treating each modernization case as unique plays a big part in our engineers’ 100% success rate.

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