Enable the future

We deliver cutting-edge solutions that transform new technologies into new ways of working.


Unlocking extra business value

Keeping up with technology can be a challenge, particularly when the world is in a constant state of flux and every dollar counts.


Sharing our decades of global industry experience will help you energize, evolve and extend the lives of mission-critical applications, freeing-up more IT budget for business innovation.


An up-to-date IT environment enables you to develop products faster, get them to market earlier and keep your customers much, much happier.

Our Modernization solutions

Luxoft helps clients launch, adopt, optimize, manage and operate within the multicloud transformation journey thanks to our expert talent, intelligent tools and acceleration framework across global industries and businesses.


Forward-looking organizations like yours are keen to exploit the benefits of hybrid multicloud and achieve greater efficiency, agility, experiences, security and operations. Luxoft’s strategic modernization solution eases the way with a comprehensive set of services that meets you wherever you are on the digital roadmap. It provides all the necessary experience, guidance and execution to validate, accelerate and complete your transformational journey.

Discovery and assessment tools and services

Draft a detailed application-modernization roadmap based on your defined strategies.

Client-facing tools and processes

Assess, replatform, revamp, replace and extend the life of legacy applications.

Global data and application engineering workforce

Complete cloud-native transformation on an application and business-function basis to control and manage risk, change and impact.

Agile engineering teams

Design, implement and execute within methodologies and technologies that best enable cloud-native development, both greenfield and transformational.

Luxoft Redefining complex training



  • Agile and DevOps consulting
  • IT Modernization discovery and assessment
  • Product design
  • UI/UX development
  • Data governance and management
  • Data ingestion and organization
  • Data validation, cleansing and processing
  • Information export, integration and services
  • Data and analytics modernization and migration
  • Software engineering, managed agile software development
  • Cloud native application development
  • Applications modernization and re-engineering
  • Integration, automation, RPA, BPA, ML and AI

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Streamlining global network content delivery


Sony Pictures Television needed a content management system (CMS) to provide complex global programming and advertising to local markets. That meant designing a solution capable of delivering digital content to 100 websites in 22 languages worldwide, as well as powering second-screen applications, subscription video-on-demand and TV everywhere experiences.


Luxoft Redefining complex training

Why Luxoft

Design and innovation experience

Proven and repeatable processes bring digital experience concepts to life, ensuring we get things right first time with minimal disruption.

Interdisciplinary custom-built teams

Driving every project is a bespoke team of the most highly-educated transformation, design, strategy, and data and analytics experts in their fields.

A global footprint at scale

We can assess and plan migrations for complex, enterprise-application landscapes, at scale, regardless of industry or location.

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