Motivational Experiences

Increase user affinity with UX

Create products and experiences that transform users into brand champions and unlock new revenue.


Experiences that go beyond usability

As customer and employee expectations grow, delivering meaningful experiences that empower, motivate and engage users emotionally is vital to building and maintaining customer loyalty.


Our Motivational UXTM framework applies decades of multi-disciplinary research in behavioral psychology, game design and UX to uncover what matters most to your customers, while our innovation experts help you design, build and scale seamless products and services that people want to use, and keep on using.

Our Motivational Experiences solutions

We help you cultivate brand affinity with beautiful and effortless experiences that leverage data to anticipate needs, enrich interactions and grow customer trust.


Our multidisciplinary teams deliver technically feasible, user-centered solutions at scale that differentiate your business and unlock value.

Transform customer experiences

Design and build personalized, omnichannel experiences that increase loyalty, revenue and market share

Redefine employee experiences

Empower employees with intuitive systems and processes that foster engagement and productivity

Create new products and services

Launch UX-enhanced products and services across mobile, web and connected devices

Scale design capabilities in-house

Develop the skills, mindsets and repeatable processes needed to help internal teams lead their own custom innovation practice

Luxoft Redefining complex training



  • Digital industry consulting
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • UI/UX development
  • Customer experience design and development
  • Data strategy and science
  • AI, advanced analytics and visualization
  • Software engineering/managed agile software development
  • Embedded development & test automation
  • Cloud native application development
  • Application modernization and re-engineering
  • Integration, automation; business process automation (BPA), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI)

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Encouraging kids’ healthy habits with UX


When tackling the challenge of kids not brushing their teeth, our Motivational UXTM framework uncovered the question: what if kids don't actually mind brushing their teeth but dislike interrupting what they’re doing to start the process of ending their day? See how interviews, observations and prototypes can deliver insights that lead to award-winning products.


Luxoft Redefining complex training

Why Luxoft

Design and innovation experience

Our proven and repeatable processes, developed over 25 years of bringing digital experiences to life, coupled with ideation and innovation capabilities that drive the improvement of products and services, allow us to unlock the continual growth of your business, seamlessly and affordably.

Motivational UXTM

A customer-centric approach, built on decades of behavioral psychology, user experience and game design research, helps you turn insights into action and deliver what matters most to your customers.

A human-centered approach to everything

The specific and measurable needs of your customers, employees, suppliers and partners define the solutions we develop for you. From strategy and design to implementing, running and maintaining services, we make evidence-based decisions that grow your business and the innovation capabilities of your people.

Client success stories

From increasing patient trust with distributed ledger technology, to replicating the personalized experience of in-store shopping for an online retailer, we’ve optimized customer experiences to maximize engagement and deliver value.

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