Transformation and Agility

Energize processes and embrace rapid growth

We teach, launch and scale methodologies that boost your operations and guarantee maximum business value.


Evolve to a more agile way of working

Traditional business and technology models can struggle to keep up with the growing speed of industry demands. Waterfall practices exacerbate siloing, testing oversights and miscommunication, which can decrease revenue and slow time to market.


Adopting agile methodologies and transformation processes empowers you to deliver innovation and customer value with a speed and frequency that meets market demands.


Our team of consultants and trainers will help you design, develop and implement strategies and skills that increase agility, accelerate change and optimize the way you do business.

Our Transformation and Agility solutions

The most effective way to grow organizational capabilities is to start small. We work with you to define the current state of play, then develop the ideal framework of tools and approaches to help you accelerate delivery, manage change and increase productivity.

Advisory services

Define your current state and future needs through organizational-readiness assessments, strategic workshops and custom change-model roadmaps.

In-house training

Foster innovation and promote cultural change with Agile coaching, mentoring, bootcamps, DevOps dojos and value-stream mapping.

Agile environment implementation

Implement an Agile governance model and project environment that accelerates time-to-value, optimizes costs and enhances alignment and collaboration.


Support continuous growth with strategic planning, agile playbook development, product portfolio and change management services that safeguard your business agility.

Product and project delivery

Ensure frictionless delivery with our workforce provisioning, program and project development, and product design and development capabilities.

Luxoft Redefining complex training



  • Digital industry consulting
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Digital workplace
  • Org and culture change management
  • Product design
  • Product MVP
  • UI/UX development
  • AI, advanced analytics and visualization
  • Data and analytics modernization and migration
  • Applications modernization and re-engineering
  • Integration, automation, RPA, BPA, ML and AI

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An Agile approach to youth welfare


The Flemish Youth Welfare Agency needed to upgrade its DOMINO application to keep pace with its quick-change environment. We implemented Agile working and now DOMINO supports more than 10,000 users in 160 user-groups. With 3-week sprints, automated claims and reduced risk, being Agile also enables rapid compliance with new legislation.


Luxoft Redefining complex training

Why Luxoft

Global reach and scale

Benefit from our status as a gold partner with scaled Agile and the experience of our global Agile practitioners, Scrum masters and Agile coaches.

Recognized industry leader

Recognized by ISG, NelsonHall and Everest as an industry leader, we are the world’s largest workplace-services provider with over 18 years’ experience in designing, implementing and operating global mobility.

Validated service and technology provider

We’re the only firm rated as "Leader" in every one of ISG’s application-development categories since its market survey’s inception as well as being a "Leader" in six of their digital business-transformation categories in 2019.

Client success stories

From designing and delivering a robust communications system for a new fleet of express trains to implementing an Agile development process for a Flemish youth welfare organization, we deliver innovative and transformative solutions that increase efficiency and decrease costs.

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