Smart Healthcare

Operational Protocols for People-Centric Smart Spaces


Better Health Outcomes Across the Healthcare Continuum

The key to successful incident and emergency-management operations is the ability to adapt rapidly to complex, changing environments. To maintain patient and frontline-worker safety as well as business momentum and compliance under changing conditions, the healthcare industry needs to look to innovative, patient-centric tech solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.


At Luxoft, we understand the healthcare ecosystem and the intricacies of healthcare regulation compliance. With our support, you can implement solutions across four Smart Health Operations protocols.

Smart Health Operations Protocols



Allowing providers to interact with patients remotely, contactless solutions help healthcare professionals meet safety needs and focus resources where they are most needed. Solutions such as biometric check-in, thermographic cameras, environment sensors, remote healthcare monitoring and mobile-enabled consultations are not only safer for patients and providers, but save time across the entire healthcare ecosystem, cutting costs and streamlining processes.

Intelligent Automation and Business Process Management


Do away with cumbersome manual processes and complex legacy systems. Engineer and maintain intelligent workflows and automations across your business to ensure efficiency across business lifecycles. A data-driven approach helps drive automation, allowing you to make better decisions in real time, get work done faster and improve health and business outcomes.

Patient Empowered Healthcare


Allowing patients to feel more in control of the healthcare process offers many direct and measurable benefits to both clients and healthcare providers. We transform your enterprise from the inside out with efficient telehealth solutions that bring your business into the digital age. When integrated correctly, a patient empowered healthcare solution is the best way for medical practices to improve their reach, streamline care and reduce costs while improving convenience for patients.

Internet of Medical Things


Gain real-world insights and free up resources by connecting the physical and digital worlds with IoT. The intersection of wellness and technology offers boundless possibilities through community, on-body, at home, in-clinic and in-hospital connected devices, including wearables, voice-based and AI-powered solutions for touch-free operations. With our experience in design and engineering – from innovation and business design to integration at scale – we can build and deploy IoMT technologies to support every area of your business.

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