Smart Health Operations
for Media & Entertainment

Operational Protocols for People-Centric Smart Spaces


Entertainment Reimagined for a Healthier Future

The need for on-demand content is skyrocketing. Consumers are shifting focus to non-traditional channels that fill the gap left by restricted access to traditional delivery methods. Expectations of digital experiences are increasing and will continue to rise with the continued deployment of 5G globally.


With consumers still thirsting for in-person experiences, Smart Health Operations are your ticket to industry recovery while navigating the safety of employees and consumers. Compressed video and automation, track and trace and thermal monitoring will be the norm for real-world experiences.


Luxoft can help you rethink customer experience and improve retention through smart technologies that upgrade your storytelling, advertising and interaction capabilities.

Smart Health Operations Protocols

Contactless Experiences


Maintaining engagement and operations in times of greater health risks requires innovative solutions. Biometrics technology is easy to deploy and implement and requires no physical interaction by the end user. AI and deep learning allows systems to leverage data to improve experiences and predict risks. Chat automation provides flexibility and support for employees working remotely. These and other contactless solutions can help towards improving customer experiences and retention.

People-Centric Spaces & Entertainment


Exceptional customer experiences boost both acquisition and retention. Consumers expect their digital experiences to be simple, convenient and available on-demand across a range of devices. Smart content discovery, enabled by AI and analytics, offers consumers customized content adjusted in real-time based on UI interactions, community behavior and social trends.

Smart Operations: Coordination, Monitoring and Management


Knowing your customer is vital for improving user experience and reducing churn. With increased competition from traditional content creators and social media influencers, applying data science to reimagine your digital operations will help you keep pace with rapid industry change. Increase revenue with the help of customer data insights, AI and predictive analytics for transactions, subscriptions, demographics and business intelligence.

IoT and Smart Entertainment


IoT is transforming movies, sport, theme parks and gaming by improving the technologies used behind the scenes and by end users. Innovative solutions like AR, VR, AI and hybrid experiences of in-person, virtual and extended reality are enabling new levels of interaction and immersion. With a proven methodology, we can help validate your need for IoT, select the right platforms and help integrate solutions into an existing ecosystem to improve your offerings and create new revenue streams.

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IoT and Smart Places:
Solutions for the New Normal


Challenging business environments are driving interest in IoT and Smart Places technology.


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