Smart Health Operations
for Retail

Operational Protocols for People-Centric Smart Spaces


Building Trust Within a Shifting Market

Retail companies and consumer product manufacturers are coming to terms with the fact that they’re not in a temporary transition. Shifting customer demands, interrupted supply chains and the recent spike in online shopping are expected to continue into the future. To remain competitive, retailers and brands need to cater to increased online traffic, and collaborate with suppliers to create differentiated and safe in-store experiences.


Brands that are dependent on the retail experience to engage customers and drive sales need to reimagine their delivery methods to create a more coherent omnichannel shopping experience. In this time of disruption and volatility, retailers and brands can mitigate risk, maintain continuity and drive interest by building trust with Smart Health Operations.

Smart Health Operations Protocols

Contactless Processes and Experiences


To maintain momentum as consumers move away from traditional retail experiences, remote digital shopping solutions allow you to create contactless salesperson-to-shopper interactions that are personalized, visual and scalable on your e-commerce platform. When clients and employees do come together to interact in-store, or in manufacturing and supply chain environments, replacing touchpoints with automated and digitized processes can build trust and increase engagement.

Reengineering Spaces and Operations


Use technology and design thinking practices to cost-effectively adapt physical spaces to meet new standards of wellness. Rapidly deploy technology that helps employees to follow and enforce guidelines of social distancing, sanitization and localized best practices for the health and safety of your customers.

Data Enhanced Smart Health Operations


Improve operational efficiency with digital command centers that provide real-time data and support for the coordination, monitoring and management of smart health solutions in physical locations. An integrated data analytics practice can both empower staff to deploy new protocols as well as manage the risk of market volatility by increasing the accuracy of forecasting and delivering insights to decision makers.

People-Centric Smart Spaces


Secure, resilient networks allow you to seamlessly integrate smart devices into your operations and decision-making. People-centric smart spaces provide consistent implementation of protocols, as well as verifiability of performance and outcomes. For example, autonomous robotics and sensors can create consistent and verifiable levels of sanitization with minimal disruption to the customer experience.

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