Smart Health Operations for Travel

Operational Protocols for People-Centric Smart Spaces


Fueling Confidence in the Safety of Travel

60% of lapsed travelers say they’re waiting for government and the World Health Organization to remove restrictions before venturing out again. Travelers and employees are afraid of the consequences of a hasty renewal of their license to roam. But no significant advances can be made without trust.


Public and private stakeholders, including airports, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, online travel agencies and governments, are doubling down on ways to eliminate uncertainty and win back consumer trust. Stakeholders are partnering with technology providers to create a seamless, contactless, globally aligned travel experience. Once achieved, the breakthrough can be communicated far and wide to help ease consumer inertia.


Urgent decisions must be made about things like asset management, CAPEX forecasting, pricing, customer relationship management and differentiating products and services. Smart Health Operations give you the protocols you need to regain trust and ensure the safety of employees and travelers for a healthy business future.

Smart Health Operations Protocols

The Contactless Travel Experience


Increase safety and enhance the traveler experience with systematic, biometric-verified identification at each journey stage. Also, eliminate manual touchpoints between travelers and employees, removing shared items such as ID cards, tickets, luggage, restaurant menus and door handles.

Reengineered Public Spaces and Operations


Manage incident response and contingency measures, while deploying new smart health solutions like biometric check-in and elevated-temperature detection, without disrupting traveler privacy and comfort. Use technology (e.g., sensors, automation, edge gateways, business apps) and design-thinking techniques to adapt spaces to meet new standards of wellness, cost-effectively.

Data-Enhanced Smart Health Operations


Improve efficiency and empower employees with real-time data and support for the coordination, monitoring and management of smart health solutions (including computer vision and digital traveler test/vaccine certificates), across large, complex facilities and fleets. AI and ML can help increase the accuracy of forecasting, delivering insights to decision-makers in procurement, marketing, maintenance, customer service and so on.

Secure, People-Centric Smart Spaces


Develop secure, resilient networks that respond to rapid change (e.g., fluctuations in scheduling, ticketing demand and refund policies), and seamlessly integrate smart devices into operational decision-making. This enables data-enhanced smart health operations, contactless operations and quantitative data on program results. Autonomous robots provide consistent and verifiable sanitization.

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