Peter Varadi

In May 2019, BMW AG started cooperation with Luxoft GmbH in the field of automated driving. Throughout this collaboration, our model of cooperation — with teams working in an agile manner — has gained momentum. From mid-2019 to mid-2021 the teams worked together successfully online with the latest tools across several countries. I am pleased that we have been able to win Luxoft for a new cooperation, starting in mid-2021, in order to seamlessly build on our previous successes!


Peter Varadi
Department Head Vehicle Management,
Autonomous Driving, BMW Group

How the Luxoft Automotive team helps you move faster

Driven by the convergence of new technologies – AI, IoT, connected infrastructure, digitization, electrification – we’re rapidly advancing toward a revolutionized automotive future.


Accelerated AD development with a proven partner
  • Our accelerators and toolkit kick-start the applications needed to support AD
  • Proven at scale in multiple OEMs, we reduce risk and deployment time
  • We facilitate close collaboration with partners
  • We accelerate the development of AD at lower cost
EE car architecture and SOA
  • We help you meet the challenges of next-generation software-defined vehicles
  • We assist in developing new car service-oriented architectures (SOAs)
  • We're experts in centralized electronic control units (ECUs), utilizing high-speed communication networks
Market-leading driving functions
  • We're a world-class partner for designing, developing, testing and integrating latest-generation driving functions
  • We have a track record in integrating vehicle sensors, map data, telematics and navigation guidance using machine learning and data fusion techniques
Long-standing relationship with you
  • We're an established and successful partner of your company
  • We have deep knowledge of your culture, processes and engagement models
  • We're proven as a reliable partner in the design and implementation of AD platforms
  • Our offices in Munich, Unterschleissheim and Shanghai mean we’re close to you

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