Case Studies

ISG recently released their Provider Lens Report where they named Luxoft as a leader in "Glocal" Delivery, Enabling Digital and Transformation. Download the report to learn latest trends in the ADM development. 

Microsoft challenged Luxoft to create an engaging and memorable retail experience in order to bring more customers to their brick and mortar stores and increase sales to combat the growing popularity of internet shopping.

A leading outdoors and recreation retail company wanted to utilize web-based data to understand online customer behavior, improve business operations and adapt marketing and support services quickly to meet changing demand.

A leader in consumer packaged goods challenged Luxoft to deliver a more personalized shopping experience to drive increased sales at more than 100 premium grocery store locations across the US.

Luxoft provides extensive modernization and technological innovations for the Shipments Booking and Tracking Management Systems that service the corporate clients of the world’s leading logistics company.

A shipment quote system was developed for a leading logistics company. It provides flexible quote calculation for cargos of any size to mulitple locations around the globe, and several delivery options.

A U.K.-based fleet management company challenged Luxoft to develop a system that would help them monitor mechanical performance of fleet vehicles in real-time as well as predict individual vehicle maintenance needs.

Luxoft is developing a high function content web platform for a global digital media company, significantly enhancing its service to customers. The application will enable customers to easily search, tag and download big volumes of online media conte...