Complex Technology Services

Rapid changes in technology are redefining the way high-tech players are doing business. Luxoft delivers complex technology services, product engineering services, and enterprise application development to enable leading technology providers to build innovative, robust software systems. Luxoft helps its clients respond to changing market demands by offering deep, industry-specific expertise across the entire high-tech segment.

Our Approach

We focus on delivering solutions that redefine the way our customers are progressing by helping them find new business models.

Few IT service providers can offer our combination of deep knowledge of the product engineering lifecycle and the needs of software companies; software engineering best practices; and superior engineering skills. We are also proud of our rapid operational startup and effective team-building methodology. We reduce the time-to-market of new products and features and improve quality with a cost-efficient approach to allow our customers to concentrate on product ownership..

We have built meaningful, long-lasting partnerships with global Fortune 500 companies and encourage you to reach out to discuss how we can apply our expertise to help you grow revenue, reduce cost and improve customer experience.

Software Industry (ISV)

Luxoft helps technology companies address complex business challenges with guaranteed outcomes by combining comprehensive expertise across industries, software engineering best practices and an agile global delivery model.

From assisting with crucial software application upgrades to performing the full cycle of software testing activities and ecommerce platform development, we have the right expertise to deliver measurable results for your software business.

Our product design and development skills help our clients meet the demands of trends like mobile development, Cloud computing, Big Data processing and visualization, multi-platform design, the Internet of Things and social media.

Our Software Industry Practice provides a full set of end-to-end product engineering services and product transformation services as well as professional services.

Embedded Software

Perfect embedded software is ‘invisible’, working so well that it goes unnoticed. At Luxoft Embedded our goal is to provide smart and efficient device-level software to help OEMs, semiconductor companies, electronics vendors and IoT players address software challenges of the connected world.

All electronics equipment needs to meet dichotomous requirements such as: IoT-connected but secure; high-performance but low-power; smart and self-learning but safe and compliant; user friendly but simple.

To deal with these complexities, Luxoft Embedded delivers:

  • Computer vision and sensor fusion software that empowers devices to see and hear
  • Machine learning and neural network algorithms optimized for low-power platforms that enables devices to make real-time decisions from unstructured data
  • Efficient video processing, including our GPU-based VP9 codec, that addresses booming VR and consumer video ecosystems
  • Low-power wireless networking expertise such as ZigBee and BLE that makes devices IoT-friendly.

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