Design Thinking
Is Not Just
a Slogan

Design Thinking
Is Not Just a Slogan

Drawing on years of experience advising and helping clients engineer their digital journey, this latest issue of Tech Spark concentrates on Design Thinking, User-Centred Design and Digital Experience, specifically within the Financial Services industry sector.


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Learn some of the key principles of design thinking for creative problem-solving in Financial Services.
Understanding Design Thinking Fundamentals
Where Do You Fit in the Design Maturity Model?

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New Idea, Old Hat

Design thinking may be the latest trend, but the underlying principles of good design were understood centuries ago.

UX Maturity

Design thinking is not just a slogan, it's an essential function of business, sitting alongside marketing, finance and sales.

Why User Experience in Finance Matters

Millennials will soon be the largest consumer demographic. But if you don't give them a good UX, they will go elsewhere.

Knowing Your Users

The most cornmon UX errors are the result of cognitive bias. Don't assume you know how your customers think, listen to them.

Understanding Experiences

Struggling with the notion of user experience? Take some time to reflect on your own daily feelings and experiences.

"Don't Make Me Think!"

If it's not intuitive, it won't work properly. We choose some key insights from Steve Krug's user experience bible.

User-Centred Design

Off-the-shelf, re-engineered or bespoke? The answer to your UX question depends entirely on your user's needs.

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