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What Will 5G Do for Manufacturers?

Download our latest white paper and learn how 5G will transform conventional ways of working with intelligent connectivity, unlocking significant Industry 4.0 benefits.


About the White Paper

5G will enable $13.2 trillion of global economic output.

As expected, this new technology has ushered in a host of completely new services as well as fresh approaches to use cases which, previously, were either too expensive or too complex to implement. Let our white paper experts, Jytte Diederiks and Alberto Ogura, guide you through the various IIoT benefits and high-tech challenges of adopting this new industry standard. And, more importantly, outline what 5G will do for your company and production connectivity.

Find Out How to Get Added Business Value

  • Replace hard-wired industrial communications. Physical cabling between shop floor and managerial systems is expensive. With 5G deployed, you no longer need to maintain a cable network, so comms are faster and cheaper to run.
  • Develop smart factories. Smart factories are virtual high-tech playgrounds for i4.0 use cases.
  • Ramp up OEM assets enabled by cellular connectivity. Optimized asset performance increases reliability and availability, minimizes costs and reduces operational risk.
  • Enable robotic and motion-controlled applications. Being mobile, robots depend on 5G’s high reliability and low latency.

Future-Forward Use Cases Enabled by 5G:

  • Predictive and proactive maintenance, and self-healing assets
  • Logistics for supply and inventory management
  • Operational control and performance improvement (Digital Twin)
  • Track & Trace for assets, devices and products
  • Tele-operated autonomous vehicles and machines
  • Virtual and augmented reality


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Jytte Diederiks

Jytte Diederiks, Sales Director, Luxoft


Jytte has over 20 years’ experience in networking and high tech. She provides global customers with state-of-the-art network transformation, plus automation and product-related software services for IoT, analytics, DevOps, test automation and cloud.

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Alberto Ogura

Alberto Ogura, Digital Manufacturing Strategist, DXC Technology


Alberto spends his time advising clients how to overcome their smart manufacturing challenges. He employs a customer-centric approach for all smart initiatives, to help him identify the key problems to solve. Alberto has a great deal of experience in both strategic and implementation cases across several industries.

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