Transforming Today’s Reality for IT Operations


Keeping Pace with Emerging Possibilities

Adopting advanced digital business practices is essential if you want to deliver scalable, on-demand infrastructure that is secure, compliant and reliable. And if we factor in the recent shift towards remote working and the ongoing preparation for 5G, the operational complexity is significant. That’s why employing a new IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) approach alongside modern, unified management and automation tools such as Software Defined Labs (SDL), can help you remain relevant and achieve your business outcomes.

The Three Pillars of Assessing Your Operations
for Digital Business Transformation


Infrastructure Configuration


GOAL: Improve performance and compliance



  • Maintain consistent configurations
  • Reduce complexity when introducing VNFs and network services
  • Detect and maintain appropriate patch levels
  • Scan for security, change control, and compliance requirements

Operations and Processes


GOAL: Increase efficiency and consistency



  • Automate manual tasks like configuration, deployment, integration and migration
  • Deliver self-service capabilities
  • Minimize human errors
  • Increase choice: be vendor agnostic

Performance and Availability


GOAL: Gain understanding into operations



  • Understand dependencies
  • Anticipate capacity requirements
  • Autoscale seamlessly
  • Track and chargeback IT-resource use
  • Increase flexibility by testing multiple vendors and network functions and services

Tackling Infrastructure Complexities with Automation

Our mini-guide will show you how automating IT operations can help you minimize complexity.

Read time: 5 min

The Luxoft Solution

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