On-demand webinar: The day after the digital twin

Scoring a goal for manufacturing with self-learning robots

Learn how Luxoft and Bosch Rexroth created an intelligent foosball–playing machine



A toy environment for the factory of the future

Digital twins experience rapid growth: They deliver business value and are core to enterprise IoT and digital strategies.


In this webinar you’ll learn how Luxoft and Bosch Rexroth built a self-learning machine: Using deep reinforcement learning, we trained it in a digital twin. It now controls a real-life foosball table-soccer team using standard manufacturing industry drives and controls. Join the executive roundtable with Luxoft’s manufacturing lead Sunil Menon and Bosch Rexroth’s Director for ctrlX (Bosch Rexroth’s automation solution), Hans Michael Krause to discuss strategy in manufacturing.


A game of two halves – how the KIcker was created

KIcker gets its name from the word for a table-soccer machine ‘kicker’ and the German term for AI (KI). The robot is a half-side automated foosball machine built with standard industry motor drives and controls. We trained the KIcker using a digital twin and deep reinforcement learning which means that it learned on its own just by experience, without any human guidance.


KIcker’s ability to successfully control a complex manufacturing-like system after simulation-based deep reinforcement learning is a promising business case for digital twins and self-learning robots in the manufacturing industry — we believe that similar techniques can be used to create the factories of the future. These factories will be connected, beyond assembly lines, individualized, intelligent, modularized, flexible, fully automated, and self-learning.


Join us on July 15 to hear more about KIcker, to discuss the implementations it has for manufacturing, and to take part in the executive roundtable.


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Webinar agenda

  1. Welcome and intro (2 mins)
  1. Motivation — Business value of digital twins and self-learning algorithms (7 mins)
  1. KIcker — self-learning foosball table, tech and demo (12 mins)
  1. Executive roundtable — business outcomes with self-learning robots in manufacturing (15 mins)
  1. Q & A (10 mins)

Our speakers

Sebastian Klöser, AI Solution Principal Luxoft


Sebastian Klöser is a Solution Principal with a strong focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within Luxoft. With a background in theoretical physics he joined Luxoft in 2015 to take responsibility for developing solutions and managing international projects in the field of advanced Data Analytics. In his projects he bridges methodological as well as business understanding for complex analytical challenges and orchestrates international project teams. During his career he headed the Reinforcement Learning Lab at Luxoft and conducted applied research for self-learning systems. Since 2021 he is the EMEA Capability Owner for the Luxoft MLOps offering.

Robin Reuben, Data Scientist / ML Engineer Luxoft


Robin Reuben is a Senior Data Scientist and ML Engineer at Luxoft. In his role he works on various advanced Machine Learning projects as a technical lead. He was responsible for the technical development in the Luxoft Reinforcement Learning Lab and works as a technical coordinator in Luxoft’s portfolio development.

Sunil Menon, Manufacturing Lead Luxoft


Sunil Menon is Luxoft’s manufacturing industry leader for EMEA. As a driver of large-scale initiatives, Sunil leads Luxoft’s regional organization that helps manufacturing clients address the deep transformation needs required in today’s digital economy. His expertise comes from many years of experience in the business and technology transformation areas, working with the largest global companies in EMEA.

Hans Michael Krause, Director ctrlX Bosch Rexroth


Hans Michael Krause is the Director Product Management ctrlX World at Bosch Rexroth AG in Lohr am Main, Germany. After his electrical engineering studies, he started his career in Argentina with his engineering office for automation technology as a graduate engineer for electrical engineering and Master of Science in Industrial Management. Since 2007 he has been working at Bosch Rexroth, initially with machine builders and fast-moving consumer goods end users in the market segment of packaging machines. He has been responsible for the market and product management of PLC and IoT solutions. Since September 2020 he took over the responsibility to build up the ctrlX World ecosystem and partner management. His main focus is to gain partner companies for the open automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION and to offer to costumers to most interesting ecosystem.

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