Innovative Solutions for Energy and Utility Companies

Luxoft supports leading, global electricity, gas, oil and water companies with innovative, customized solutions. We simplify complex technology infrastructures to enable better customer experiences through streamlined operations.

We underpin our industry experience with strong partnerships and relationships with key industry vendors, as well as active participation in energy standards development. This helps our clients cut through ever-changing industry legislation and competitive conditions.

Oil & Gas

Spiraling operational and business complexity in Oil and Gas brings new challenges for enterprises across the sector. It requires constant process optimization as well as high-performing, cost-effective technology solutions.

High-end quality standards, processes to minimize time-to-market and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), an in-house Innovation Lab, a Global Services Delivery Network, and access to a wide market of domain experts – these factors all contribute to Luxoft’s ability to resolve complex client issues.

Luxoft is the preferred partner for leading companies, helping to maximize return on their IT investment. Our expertise in key technologies like Big Data, Cloud, DevOps and IoT ensures breakthrough management and analysis of large data volumes. We also offer outstanding capabilities in 2D/3D visualization of complex oil and gas-specific workflows, and new capabilities for building custom solutions.

We offer our expertise in the following domains:

  • Geosciences
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Production
  • Transmission


With over 10 years of industry experience, we have developed deep sector insight that helps you rapidly understand and overcome technology challenges. With significant, long-term R&D investment for the Energy and Utilities sector, we are continually working on new innovations to put you ahead of the market.

Luxoft has expertise in a wide spectrum of software development, including:

  • Market management systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Distribution and outage management system software
  • SCADA for transmission, distribution and substations
  • Synchrophasors measurements systems
  • Smart substation automation system modules
  • Real-time insight from sophisticated analysis of data across the enterprise
  • Adoption and integration of industry standards and protocols
  • Distributed energy resources management
  • Renewable energy production monitoring, analysis and forecasting

Solutions Accelerators in Energy

Luxoft continually invests in the latest technologies for delivering customized solutions that significantly reduce time-to-market and development costs. They include:

GeoViewer A smart suite of applications that scientifically visualizes geophysical and geological data for the petroleum industry.

LuxSolar A cloud-based framework that allows electric utilities, PV Modules, and manufacturers of solar systems to monitor energy production, identify faults, receive alerts and leverage analytics for decision making.

DMFusion A platform that integrates meter data sources, grid topology, and weather forecasts to better manage the load down to the end user.

DMMessenger A consumer engagement platform that communicates grid events to customers via multiple channels, through the analysis of large metering and customer data volumes.

Visual Utilities A grid performance analysis platform for decision making that displays financial data and problems across the grid on an interactive map.

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