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Thrive on change

Cut costs, grow revenue and learn new ways of working to sharpen your business strategy, manage market volatility and outpace disruptive competitors 


Realize untapped, enterprise-wide potential

Intelligent Automation re-energizes work types right across the enterprise, but some of the most impressive results involve scale, personalization and cross-departmental tasks.

Let Luxoft help you work smarter, leaner and more profitably, simplifying business and operational systems with low-code, AI- and ML-powered, Intelligent Automation solutions. 

Our domain-experienced team of experts build modern, automated environments using market-leading platforms like Pega, Appian, OutSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and many more. 


Our intelligent automation services

Business process management (BPM)

Business process management (BPM)

Identify and implement intelligent business process automation using BPM platforms like Pega and Appian. 

Low-code automation

Low-code automation

Build quickly with automation and AI, including prebuilt integration for over 400 apps from Appian and OutSystems. 

CRM and customer experience

CRM and customer experience

Close more deals and better serve cross-channel and omnichannel customers with Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service solutions from Pega and Microsoft. 

Cognitive automation for RPA, decisioning, IDP and chatbots

Cognitive automation for RPA, decisioning, IDP and chatbots

Enable customer management digital transformation with robotic process automation services and natural language processing. 


Sectors we serve 

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Banking and capital markets
  • KYC and onboarding 
  • CRM and sales automation 
  • Customer service 
  • Lending 
  • AML and regulatory 
  • Payments 
  • Risk management 
  • Settlement 
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  • Policy management 
  • Underwriting 
  • Claims 
  • Claims fraud management 
  • Product builder 
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Retail and manufacturing
  • CRM 
  • Invoice management 
  • Vendor management
  • Warranty management 
  • Demand capture 
  • SAP automation
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  • Order management 
  • Upsell and retention
  • CRM 


Design principles for faster time to market

Automation for faster time to market

Luxoft’s intelligent process automation services leverage next gen design principles to streamline application development and speed up deployment. Our solutions enable nontechnical users to build what they need. 

Leverage low/no-code

Our customers build enterprise-grade solutions fast using minimal coding. This reduces the headcount required to build, deploy and maintain apps; improves documentation and transparency; and enables even nontechnical users to develop the applications they need without waiting on IT. Technical users can automate repetitive tasks and speed up their company’s digital transformation journey. 

Scale and adapt

Extendable architecture allows companies to start fast and scale quickly across the enterprise to cover different business areas and/or geolocations. Our architecture solutions enable automation and artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and process discovery that adapt as the business grows and changes without locking companies into rigid, inflexible and expensive digital environments. 

Embrace omnichannel

Companies can build once and use across platforms and device types without changes, streamlining frictionless customer experiences. Intelligent automation solutions ensure customers have the same experience across channels, and data capture ensures companies learn about what their customers really want. And with improved business functions, companies can make great impressions that drive value over time. 

Deploy faster

We leverage configurable business-focused frameworks and in-house accelerators to speed up solution implementation. Our digital technologies reduce the amount of time it takes to get up and running while automating repetitive tasks to support all business users. We focus on repeatable processes so that companies can reuse instead of rebuilding when providing intelligent automation consulting services. 

Empower all users

Luxoft makes it possible for all users to innovate no matter what their experience. We enable business analysts, SMEs and operations to contribute to the development of business workflows and follow technical best practices. We free up IT to focus on complex, higher order tasks and reduce the time to deployment in the process. Our solutions also reduce shadow IT and mitigate the risk of loopholes. 

Accelerate maintenance

Configurable CI/CD and optimized DevOps pipelines accelerate application maintenance and updates. We remove the repetitive tasks of documentation and builds so that companies have better visibility into all frameworks. We also ensure the intelligent automation of rote tasks and confirm all updates are deployed across the ecosystem as needed to maintain security and compliance. 

Focus on Agile

Companies can prioritize Agile methodology, leveraging bestshore teams for maximum efficiency. This enables a culture of continuous innovation and allows teams to monitor and maximize sprints. It also establishes a foundation of collaboration so that companies can move more nimbly and pivot easier whether they have a team of 5 or 5,000.

Prioritize resilience

Microjourney enables enterprises to organize data objects and relevant components to increase development speed and build robust apps. This embeds resiliency into every deployment and improves outcomes at each stage. This functionality is a unique guiding principle of Luxoft and offers a foundation for better overall development. 

Intelligent automation

Luxoft is your intelligent automation service provider. We offer cloud-native, microservice and services-based components and work prioritization across multiple applications and systems as well as provide robotic and desktop process automation services. As an RPA service provider, we can transform business processes and enable companies to reduce manual repetitive tasks while introducing new technologies like machine learning automation. 



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Luxoft is your intelligent automation services leader

We leverage highly rated, market-leading, intelligent automation platforms from vendors including: 



Senior digital talent

Expertise in BFSI, health care, CPG, public sector, automotive and utilities


Agile-focused methods

Development methodology prioritizing flexibility and innovation


CoE and accelerators

Focus on reuse and accelerators from our customer CoE for rapid solution builds


Onshore and nearshore

Delivery and intelligent automation consulting capability in Europe, the UK, the Americas, the Middle East, India and APAC 


Our capability


certified BPM experts


automation consultants


Client success stories

We’ve delivered sustainable automation in key financial services domains.


  • Multiple region solution aligned to local regulatory requirements
  • Unified UI and process significantly improve operations efficiency, reporting and control
  • Integrated with systems such as identity verification and risk to ensure end automation

Markets and compliance

  • Provide digital BPM solution to automate workflows and improve information management
  • Investigation and matching
  • Post-settlement reconciliations and compliance processes which were largely manual and utilize EUDT (end-user developed tools, i.e., Excel and Access) solutions which are non-scalable

Sales automation

  • Sales team automation solution including integration with Avaya call center platform for inbound and outbound call processing
  • Support product configuration and 1-2-1 marketing campaigns
  • Corporate banking CRM systems

Workflow and low-code

  • Automated multiple processes in markets group function using low-code technologies
  • The initial set of workflows considered were: Report approvals, MIFID invoicing, user management, expense approvals management, RRA (resource request allocations)


Quantifiable Benefits achieved in Customer Projects


News and insights

Overcoming the legacy challenge in financial services


Overcoming the legacy challenge in financial services

Three ways to place employees at the heart of your business transformation


Three ways to place employees at the heart of your business transformation

Modernize your legacy processes with low-code intelligent automation


Modernize your legacy processes with low-code intelligent automation



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Maximize your organization’s efficiency with our Intelligent Automation services



When done right, implementing Intelligent Automation solutions can: 

  • Reduce operational costs by speeding up certain processes and augmenting the workforce’s productivity 
  • Allow organizations to scale quickly without multiplying risks or jeopardizing the service quality 
  • Improve process consistency, boost accuracy rates, and mitigate the risk of human error 
  • Enhance customer experience quality through faster request processing times and error-free outcomes 
  • Help organizations adopt a more consistent approach to regulatory compliance and streamline adherence to legal requirements 
  • Boost employee satisfaction by eliminating menial and tedious labor 
  • Improve fraud detection and governance across the organization 
  • Enhance data analytics sourcing and quality 
  • Identify valuable opportunities for growth 
  • Streamline innovation and accelerate time-to-market for new products 

Intelligent Automation can automate the following business processes across a variety of industries: 

  • Predicting production needs by swiftly analyzing and adapting to the changes in supply and demand 
  • Reviewing and analyzing investment portfolio data to track performance and generate reports 
  • Conducting quality control on the production line or quality assurance during software engineering 
  • Providing customer service via the use of chatbots as the first line of communication 
  • Continuously monitoring employees’ correspondence to ensure regulatory compliance in Banking and Capital Markets organizations 
  • Calculating insurance premiums and deductibles 
  • Detecting fraud by identifying and flagging suspicious activity 
  • Approving or rejecting insurance claims by processing their contents and issuing a decision based on an internal rulebook 

These are but a few examples of the processes that can be streamlined with the help of Intelligent Automation. The technology is so versatile that it can be applied in virtually any industry for a tremendous variety of purposes. 

How long it takes to implement Intelligent Automation in an organization depends on multiple factors: 

  • Process complexity. The more complex the process is, the longer it usually takes to automate, whether fully or in part. Process complexity also may increase your engineering needs or require a bespoke solution. 
  • Organization size. Larger organizations typically have more workflows to automate, and their complexity is more advanced than that of their smaller counterparts. 
  • Engineering needs. Intelligent Automation as-a-Service solutions are typically faster to implement than bespoke ones, although configuration and customization are still required. 
  • Current digital maturity of the organization. If digital maturity requires improvements, companies should address that before embarking on Intelligent Automation transformation. 

If you would like to know how long it would take your organization to adopt Intelligent Automation, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We’ll discuss your needs and prepare a roadmap for your organization.