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Luxoft helps organizations adopt cutting-edge, cloud-based technology. Cloud service models enable a set of reactions, including:

  • DevOps enables agile and continuous response to rapid changes in customer needs 
  • Platforms are virtualized and containerized, providing increasing levels of scalability 
  • Сore components of microservice architectures can be swiftly upgraded 
  • Cybersecurity is playing an increasingly crucial role in data management 
  • Data-breach resolution enables more controllable solutions 


Luxoft cloud solutions


As a cloud solutions company, we can help you evaluate the benefits of modern system design, and determine which technologies and architectures are right for you. Then, together, we’ll draft the road map for your digital transformation.

Cloud’s toolkit of modern approaches and technologies is perfect for getting greenfield projects off the ground.

Luxoft cloud IT solutions help you decouple complex architectures or decompose monolithic applications, modernizing your systems securely, efficiently and in a timely manner.


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DevOps delivers software and overcomes challenges such as change processes, role segregation and a lack of test environments



Luxoft as a trusted cloud services provider helps clients understand and evaluate both direct and indirect operational and security risks for better compliance and governance

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Deep technology expertise

We understand the role DevOps plays in making sure an organization has the speed and agility to adapt to rapidly changing customer requirements and evolving technology landscapes.


Proven track record

Our experts have vast experience in designing and deploying pipelines that give clients full control of the build and deployment process. These pipelines instill the confidence to execute multiple daily production deployments.


Domain knowledge

Luxoft combines cloud solutions consulting and practical expertise at scale, providing a deep domain understanding of highly complex and fast-paced infrastructure environments. Our flexible engagement model delivers end-to-end global service and constant innovation.

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Dmytro Elperin, Solution Lead, Cloud

Dmytro Elperin

Solution Lead, Cloud

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How would cloud improve your firm's regulatory response?
How would cloud improve your firm's regulatory response?


How would cloud improve your firm's regulatory response?


Bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance
Bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance


Bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance


Is cloud migration a risky business?
Is cloud migration a risky business?


Is cloud migration a risky business?


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Frequently asked questions

The main difference between hybrid, public, and private clouds concerns whether you share resources with other users.

On a public cloud, your data lives on the same server as other users’; you share the hardware and network devices with them. A third-party vendor owns and manages the infrastructure from A to Z. It’s more affordable than other types of cloud, requires no maintenance, and offers almost-limitless scalability.

On a private cloud, only you use the hardware on a dedicated, single-tenant server. You can have it managed by a third-party vendor or do it yourself. A private cloud gives you more control over the hardware and software, enhances your flexibility, and mitigates certain security risks.

A hybrid cloud combines either a private cloud or on-premises infrastructure with a public cloud. It allows you to gain the best of the two worlds, resulting in optimal hardware and software control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

We are a trusted cloud solution and consulting partner for clients from a variety of industries, including:

● Automotive
● Banking
● Capital Markets
● Consumer Goods
● Energy and Utilities
● Healthcare and Life Sciences
● Insurance
● Manufacturing
● Media
● Networking and Technology
● Oil and Gas
● Retail and E-commerce
● Telecommunications
● Travel and Hospitality
● Transportation and Logistics

Turning to a reliable cloud solutions vendor allows organizations to:

● Automatically scale services and applications to match the computing resource demand and ensure stable performance during spikes in traffic
● Reduce time to market for new applications thanks to optimized infrastructure costs and near-limitless scalability
● Design and deploy novel digital customer experiences, including high personalization and omnichannel consistency
● Select the level of control (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) and storage options (public, private, or hybrid cloud) appropriate for their unique needs
● Optimize infrastructure costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, no equipment costs, and scalability on-demand
● Accelerate time to market and facilitate innovation
● Launch and manage Big Data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions
● Mitigate security and operational risks (when managed properly)
You need to embed resilience in the bank’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Ensuring it means revisiting and strengthening risk management, stress testing, liquidity management, and capital planning.

A core banking solution helps organizations address all of the above with the help of advanced data aggregation and analytics.

For example, a Temenos health check can aid in identifying and fixing any potential issues that may become a disaster if unaddressed. As a result, banks receive not only a list of issues but also ways to resolve them.

Does it align with your interests? Luxoft is a certified Temenos services partner with an experienced team of senior Temenos experts. Contact us to discuss how a Temenos health check can help you build resilience in your banking operations.