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Faster time-to-production, shorter regression cycles, lower cost of maintaining quality, greater automation coverage and higher test capacity


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Continuous testing conquers business challenges

Automated testing will help you streamline processes and overcome your business challenges to stay competitive.

Improved cost-efficiency

Managing user expectations

Test anywhere, anytime


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Discover how ready you are for the next phase of test automation


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Automation strategy improves technology investment

Building custom automation framework provides higher return on investment

Cumbersome test maintenance

Unstable test environments

Out-of-date test data


The benefits of test automation


Reduce cost of quality

Increase the volume and frequency of testing cycles and start testing earlier with a “shift-left” approach that lowers the cost of fixing defects.


Rapid testing cycles

Test automation increases the velocity of delivery teams by reducing the time it takes to ensure quality.


Improve quality of testing

Automation enables you to mitigate risks related to human errors, build a baseline of quality, and establish measurement and control mechanisms.


Reduce and manage risks

Transparent and measurable outcomes help to identify, manage and control risks related to testing.


Faster time-to-market

Higher velocity provides a competitive advantage and enables the reallocation of cost savings to other IT and business initiatives.


DevSecOps enablement

Integrate QA processes with modern CI/CD instruments, making the testing process an essential part of the automated delivery pipeline.


Our QA Automation Services


Global delivery at scale with industry expertise


QA engineers worldwide

Access to QA test automation experts in your area


QA Automation Engineers

Majority of our QA specialists are working as Test Automation Engineers”

> 50%

of specialists are ISTQB certified

We offer industry-specific domain expertise for customized solutions

> 66%

are senior specialists

We provide senior-level expertise in a full range of automation platforms


Optimal business flexibility

Rapid ramp-up and ramp-down

We offer multiple options for companies to customize development, testing and iteration during sprints.

Flexible testing capabilities

We can test 24/7 thanks to offshore delivery locations in three main geographies — EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

Cost-effective delivery models

Customers can choose onsite or offshore delivery depending on testing needs and delivery deadlines to control cost.

Customized engagement strategy

Choose pricing (time and material to fixed price) and engagement models (staff augmentation to managed services).



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Nathan Snyder

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Nathan Snyder, Technology Solutions Lead
Nathan Snyder

Technology Solutions Lead

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Nadia Znachko

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Nadia Znachko, Solution Lead, QA Automation
Nadia Znachko

Solution Lead, QA Automation