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Convert data to information, information to insights and insights to better business outcomes 


Venture into the transformative realm of data analytics with Luxoft. Discover our commitment to guiding businesses through a tailored data journey, leveraging agile methodologies and state-of-the-art AI capabilities. Dive deep, strike gold with your data, and let Luxoft elevate your data narrative to unparalleled heights.

Data can solve your business challenges

Data analytics solutions for under-resourced teams

Luxoft offers data analytics services that ensure data integrity. Data teams receive support for everything they need to perform data quality functions — cleansing, normalization, validation and integration — and increased task automation. 

Siloed, fragmented data sets hinder innovation

Business data analytics solutions create a single source of truth, allowing companies to adopt more data-centric, service-driven approaches to data provision across the enterprise. Companies now engage in advanced analytics for decisioning. 

Engineering becomes business-value first

Business users and engineers collaborate on business use cases, add value to datasets and bring the company into a data-driven decision-making era. Technology initiatives will align with business goals and further value opportunities. 

Logical data governance for compliance

Luxoft designs governance processes that open data for stakeholders to use. They address regulatory compliance and ensure that companies keep sensitive data safe without locking it away in insight-killing silos. 

Data engineering at the core of everything

Discover your true data engineering capabilities

Take an assessment and get immediate insights with actionable recommendations in just 10 minutes. 

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The journey to enterprise analytics 

Our aim is to help organizations move toward high-value enterprise analytics, no matter where they are in their journey. 


Data analytics solutions: Our 4 pillars

Consolidation and curation

Democratization = data for all 

Data visualization and self-service for insights

Advanced analytics for the whole enterprise

Our data analytics solutions

Luxoft is a trusted partner, guiding clients toward becoming a data-driven organization. We help design and execute a road map for adopting technologies and solutions that deliver clean data and advanced analytics throughout the enterprise.

The diversity of our partner capabilities allows us to offer proven industry solutions from independent software providers. Luxoft supports clients as they adopt the cultural and organizational changes required to embed this more service-oriented approach. 


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LXA platform

Experience the power of the data analytics platform developed by Luxoft.


Our capabilities

We’re constantly expanding our capabilities to meet the rapid evolution of data technologies. We provide architecture, consulting and delivery capabilities across a wide array of solutions, focusing in particular on:



Personalizes customer experiences, improves efficiencies, and better mitigates risk.



For the design, deployment and management of AI applications.



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Luxoft is your data analytics company

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Offering big data analytics as a service

With deep domain expertise and a solid track record of successful data and analytics projects, we help clients design and implement the best approach for deriving insights from data to drive new business and increase profitability. 

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A global network of experts in technology

We draw on a deep well of industry expertise from our global network of technology leaders. These innovators offer clients locally informed guidance for market-specific data challenges and regulatory requirements.

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Snowflake/ Daitaku end-to-end integration

Custom enterprise-wide integrations ensure all clients derive value from data. We help automate the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to insight and ensure companies have the right foundation to shift to data-driven decision making. 



Customer behavior insights deliver highly individualized content

From a next-generation home-automation service to data visualizations that improve delivery speed for a steel manufacturer, we’re using data and insights to fuel better business outcomes. 

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News and insights

How do you make better decisions?


How do you make better decisions?

How to deliver your data strategy


How to deliver your data strategy

Get more business value from your insurance data deluge


Get more business value from your insurance data deluge



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Turn data into your most valuable asset with Luxoft’s data analytics services



Data analytics consulting services can help businesses: 

  • Identify siloed data and how to unlock itit can be unlocked for the benefit of the organization 
  • Establish a long-term data and analytics strategy while planning for a data-focused future 
  • Discover the data that can deliver the maximum value to the business 
  • Assess the current data privacy and security policies and practices and how they can be improved for efficiency and regulatory compliance 
  • Pinpoint how to maximizethe how of maximizing the value of mountains of data collected by the business 
  • Determine the desired data management and governance state and ensure its alignment with business needs and goals 
  • Zero in on the data analytics solutions most suitable for the business 
  • Put together a roadmap for a data-driven digital transformation 

Our data and analytics services can help your organization: 

  • Ensure data quality and integrity by providing support and lending our expertise to your data teams 
  • Centralize your data in a single source of truth – a data warehouse 
  • Derive valuable insights from mountains of data without hours of manual labor 
  • Maximize the efficiency of data governance while ensuring regulatory compliance around data collection, processing, management, and dissemination 
  • Turn your decision-making into a truly data-driven process, thus improving the alignment of your resource allocation with business needs and goals 
  • Keep sensitive data safe according to regulatory requirements without siloing it away 
  • Make insights accessible at any user’s fingertips to enhance productivity and drive innovation 
  • Monetize your proprietary data, effectively turning it into another stream of revenue 

MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) is meant to ensure that machine learning model deployment and maintenance are reliable and efficient. It’s a paradigm that brings together best practices and guidelines in the machine learning algorithm field. 

MLOps is practiced by data scientists, DevOps engineers, and IT teams. Its benefits include enhanced efficiency, scalability, and risk mitigation at every stage of the machine learning model life cycle. 

MLOps seeks to help enterprises meet the following goals: 

  • Speeding up machine learning model experimentation and development 
  • Streamlining machine learning model deployment into production 
  • Continuously ensuring the advanced analytics solution quality and alignment with business needs 

Data privacy concerns the governance of sensitive data. It establishes how authorized parties can gain access to, modify, and use it. It also determines their roles and level of access, as well as how the data is collected and distributed. The notion of data privacy is the subject of multiple regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union. 

Data security, in turn, is the use of rules, practices, and technology meant to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and its corruption. It can involve introducing rule-based access to data, data encryption, and automated backups, among others. 

Data security doesn’t guarantee data privacy: the data processor can still mishandle the collected personal data while keeping it secure. Data privacy, however, requires the data processor to have the capability to protect the data against theft, corruption, or unauthorized access. 

The transformation into an insights-powered organization consists of: 

  • Consolidation. The data is centralized into a single source of truth – a data warehouse – accessible by all stakeholders. This data management optimization step is a prerequisite to introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions. 
  • Democratization. The data is made accessible to all enterprise users, allowing them to rely on quality data in their decision-making and innovation. 
  • Self-service analytics. Enterprise users gain access to data through intuitive self-service solutions that organize and visualize data and deliver actionable insights. 
  • AI/ML and pervasive analytics. With the help of advanced analytics services, enterprises gain the tools that derive insights from mountains of data and streamline data-driven decision-making. This stage also allows for monetizing proprietary data.