What We Do

We set the benchmark for tools and toolchains, either standard or customized, to support the strong IT integration needed for modern diagnostics. Our remote diagnostics, utilizing mobile and cloud, and testing processes that ensure full functionality and OEM compliance are backed by our comprehensive knowledge of manufacturer requirements.

Data Modeling

Luxoft is able to provide high-quality solutions for diagnostic data authoring, validation and execution, according to ASAM and ISO standards. Our expert team has not only deep expertise of the common diagnostics standards, but has played a key role in their creation, too.

IT Solutions

We offer standard or customized tools and toolchains, as well as supplier or OEM systems, to support the strong IT integration that diagnostic data and processes require. We do this through sustainable, agile solutions built on a decade of proven and reliable know-how.

Onboard Services

Luxoft leverages and creates the latest technologies to allow for the development, integration and porting of high-performance protocol stacks. We can also support fast and secure bootloader and flash applications so that embedded systems can quickly and efficiently receive software updates.

Remote Diagnostics

Luxoft provides consultancy and development for every part of the remote diagnostic toolchain, for both the motorist and the technician. We make it possible to connect to diagnostic apps to affect updates quickly and securely, and to update ECUs over the air through end-to-end solutions.

Testing Services

Through the development of intelligent test strategies, we can help you minimize and streamline your testing efforts on network, protocol and application layer levels. Luxoft has a deep knowledge base of common diagnostic standards and can support in error identificaiton and analysis.

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