Orchestrade and Luxoft

Accelerate your time-to-market

Luxoft and Orchestrade have a new plan of action for delivery. Based on as-a-Service, this fresh approach reduces time-to-market and TCO while making sure goals are met. 

Why Luxoft and Orchestrade


Global partnerships

Our Orchestrade practice is growing exponentially, leveraging our global systems integration business.

Luxoft’s extensive domain knowledge, product skills and operating models provide practical value to customers.


20 years of experience

Luxoft’s Orchestrade practice specializes in front-to-back trading methodologies, framework, implementation, integration and partnerships. 

Luxoft has an enviable track record for delivering quality Orchestrade implementation projects that include continuous customer engagement, on-site/offshore resource optimization, clear governance and delivery excellence. 


Industry-leading services

Our partnership with Orchestrade brings a unique combination of delivery capabilities, including: Quality DevOps and cloud practices, exceptional client lifecycle management SMEs, and domain-rich RPA capabilities. 

We have developed sophisticated reconciliation tooling with advanced breaks analytics, error tagging, tolerance customization, reporting and dashboarding.


Orchestrade solutions and offerings

Orchestrade integration services

We deliver key Orchestrade consulting services, expert-level team augmentation and extensive delivery expertise. In addition to that, we provide full run, change and upgrade capabilities. 

Trading Systems-as-a-Service

We provide the implementation, transition, hosting, run and change services, keeping your solution current and operating at peak performance.

Investment Systems-as-a-Service

ISaaS keeps you performing at the top, providing the same value-added services, including TSaaS, application evergreening and streamlining CAPEX.

Our Orchestrade capabilities

Full life cycle service from our Orchestrade practice



Advisory and program management


Full execution capability


Comprehensive range of Orchestrade skills


Cloud enablement


Transition to as-a-Service


Integrated with client tech system

Benefits of Orchestrade services

Being a top tier Orchestrade partner gives Luxoft unique access to Orchestrade training and collaboration. This unrivaled position translates into tangible benefits for the client. Here’s a taster:
background image

Reduce Orchestrade TCO with Luxoft’s expertise



Orchestrade is an award-winning trading, operations and risk management platform used by banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and energy and utility enterprises across Europe, North America, and Asia. It was designed to remove technology silos and enable users to innovate at a greater speed by reducing time to market for new products. 

Orchestrade allows its users to: 

  • Bring down the total cost of ownership compared to legacy providers 
  • Gain more technical flexibility and accelerate time to market for new products and workflows 
  • Foster a best-in-class approach to the tech stack with seamless integration into the existing digital ecosystem 
  • Easily implement the solution for standard use or customize it extensively for particular needs 
  • Scale and adapt to new market opportunities promptly 
  • Bring down upgrade costs with a single-platform approach 
  • Automate trade life cycle mapping after the booking 
  • Assess risks in real time for all asset types 

Luxoft possesses 20 years of experience in helping clients make the most out of their investment in Orchestrade. Our rich expertise spans the full spectrum of Orchestrade services, from advisory, integration and customization to run, upgrade and maintenance. 

As Orchestrade’s Global Delivery Partner, Luxoft is at the forefront of innovative delivery services with our as-a-Service model that reduces time to market and optimizes TCO. We also work closely with Orchestrade to collaborate in developing and testing new versions of the platform. 

Our track record includes Orchestrade integration, Trading Systems as-a-Service and Investment Systems as-a-Service projects. 

Our partnership with Orchestrade allows us to deliver end-to-end as-a-Service integration services to our clients. Our fresh approach to Orchestrade integration optimizes the total cost of ownership, accelerates time to market and allows us to address the unique organizational needs of our clients. 

In the framework of this partnership, we help our clients: 

  • Augment their teams with Orchestrade experts who are productive from day one 
  • Implement Orchestrade fast and without unnecessary complications using the ADAPT methodology we co-developed with Orchestrade 
  • Seamlessly integrate Orchestrade with the existing software ecosystem 
  • Adopt quality DevOps and best cloud practices 
  • Transition to the as-a-Service delivery model without friction 
  • Remain highly reactive to regulatory changes 
  • Adapt Orchestrade to their unique needs and goals 

The Luxoft Orchestrade partnership also grants us early access to new versions. As a result, our Orchestrade experts are always on top of the latest changes and updates — even before they are fully rolled out. 

Implementing Orchestrade comes with five key advantages: 

  • Native cross-asset support. Orchestrade can cover a variety of needs as it delivers best-in-class performance and functionality across all asset types 
  • Event-driven architecture and technical flexibility. These two characteristics of Orchestrade allow organizations to develop and launch new products and workflows faster, accelerating time to market 
  • Interoperability. Orchestrade is highly adaptable, allowing users to integrate it seamlessly into their digital ecosystems and adopt the best-in-breed approach to the tech stack 
  • Scalability. Orchestrade can be extended and scaled up or down on an as-needed basis, allowing users to seize market opportunities as they arise 
  • Real-time risk assessment. Orchestrade helps evaluate risks across all trades and asset classes with its advanced real-time data analytics features