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A hybrid-cloud-driven breath of fresh air


Many banking operations are driven by powerful z/OS-based COBOL cores. These reliable and resilient platforms provide the scale and security necessary to handle the demands of millions of customers. But today’s digital business world is creating dynamic new challenges requiring banks to optimize and modernize their cores and deploy mainframe hybrid cloud solutions. Hogan io does precisely that with a recommended eight-point plan to make the best of your existing core, delivering intelligent operations in an agile, mainframe hybrid-cloud environment to breathe new life into your z/OS CORE.

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Hogan io sharpens your competitive edge


The intense, transformative power of core-banking system modernization will rejuvenate your business, predicting and addressing even the most challenging of customer demands. Hogan io modernization streamlines operations, optimizing resource utilization and strengthening security measures. It’s a secure and cost-effective way of upgrading the customer experience and delivering sustainable growth across choppy financial waters. Hogan io is the future, helping you differentiate your bank against fierce competition.

In an age of rapid digital transformation, Luxoft with Hogan io is at the forefront of redefining core banking. The vast majority of banks realize that modernizing and not replacing their core banking platform is not just a choice, but a necessity. With advancements in processing technology and new approaches to software engineering Luxoft has released Hogan io a revolutionary approach to banking.


The Hogan io 8-step modernization plan

Here’s how Hogan io revives Hogan legacy systems:

Mainframe testing

Deploy testing environments off the mainframe to improve productivity and security

DevOps delivery

Undertake the journey to DevOps including testing automation to ensure faster time to market and increase the quality of delivery


Open the core through APIs and microservices and connect new systems of experience and other ecosystem partners to create market differentiation

Workload balance

Enable access to off-mainframe, near-real-time data to balance mainframe workloads with significant processing and cost advantages

Product/price integration

Integrate external product and pricing platforms to improve speed of product creation while managing rates and fees more efficiently

System upgrades

Upgrade your Hogan and supporting Z systems to the latest versions, improving operational resilience and other technological advancements


Adopt AI and automation across the enterprise using IBM and other third-party solutions with Luxoft’s integration service

Resource management

Take advantage of Hogan Managed Services and the Luxoft Academy to secure a supply of skilled resources

How we help you


Minimize risk

Mitigating day-to-day operational risks for banks


Ensure compliance

Filling up the resource void for banks to meet compliance and regulatory needs


Get training

Training bank resources to handle complex Hogan applications

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Benefit from expertise

Providing appropriate Hogan banking software for solving complex issues timely


Improve business processes

Enabling end-to-end Hogan managed services to ensure business continuity

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Mainframe hybrid cloud enablement


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