Finastra and Luxoft financial services

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Luxoft’s partnership with Finastra brings two market leaders together to help clients achieve high-performance banking and capital markets solutions.



The Finastra and Luxoft strategic partnership

Luxoft and Finastra have launched a new Managed Services Partnership (MSP) agreement. This strategic partnership strengthens a long-standing relationship first established in 2006. 

Under the MSP agreement, Luxoft became the preferred provider of managed services and hosting for Finastra’s Kondor solution across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The partnership aims to deliver turnkey managed services to Finastra’s customers in the region. 

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Why Luxoft

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First-class product offerings

Kondor | Fusion Risk | Seamless FX | Opics | Summit | Loan IQ 

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Luxoft’s expertise

Take advantage of our deep domain knowledge to build scalable solutions at speed 

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Global cloud-hosted model

Our global presence keeps us closer to our clients and ensures reliable service 

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Targeted to specific market segments

Products from innovative companies 


Finastra and Luxoft Managed Services Partnership


  • Luxoft are Finastra's preferred Managed Services Partners for customers 
  • Luxoft provides a managed service including run, change and upgrades for a fixed period  
  • Reduces the overall TCO and makes applications more viable to help clients achieve their business objectives  
  • Single point of contact for all implementation support (e.g., applications, infrastructure and integration) and upgrade requests  



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Our Finastra solutions


Trading, treasury and risk

Finastra software solutions improve trading and treasury performance in commercial and corporate banking by: 

  • Enhancing monitoring, reporting and risk management 
  • Integrating trading, hedging and banking books 
  • Consolidating liquidity, forecasting and risk analysis for capital optimization 
  • Achieving more automated workflows and processes 
  • Delivering a common interface with deep analysis capabilities 
  • Responding quickly to new business and regulatory demands 

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Cloud-based Treasury as-a-Service consolidates treasury, FX and risk activities into a single end-to-end platform, built on Kondor, Opics and Summit. 

The solution integrates with existing systems, presenting a unified view of liquidity and financial positions, while offering comprehensive asset coverage from vanilla to derivatives, centralizing financial exposure, optimizing hedging costs, reducing risk and ensuring compliance. 

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Finastra’s Loan IQ is the leading, syndicated lending solution for servicing commercial loans. The system promotes growth by tightening control, while streamlining workflow and providing more accurate data. 

Coverage includes structured, project, syndicated, bilateral, asset-based, commercial real estate, agricultural and niche lending, enabling you to deliver a better client experience. 

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Our Finastra capabilities

Luxoft experts run and maintain global platforms with a single point of contact for any Finastra implementation. As a Finastra partner, we also provide extensive support for financial market products and local market requirements. Crucially, time-to-market is < 300% faster than with other global platforms. 

Core banking modernization

Advisory and program management

Take full advantage of Luxoft domain expertise in the form of Finastra consulting services to inform your decision-making on the go. 

Treasury solutions

Finastra subject matter expertise

Our team has gained extensive knowledge of Finastra software. 

Trading platforms as-a-service

Transition to as-a-Service

Ensure a smooth transition to manage and deliver change at scale, generating greater efficiency and productivity. 

Software engineering and advisory

Full execution capability

Entrust your development pipeline to highly skilled software engineers and Finastra integration experts. 


Cloud enablement

Increase the efficiency, security and reliability of your services with cloud transformation. 

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Learn more about Luxoft Capital Markets solutions


Global delivery model

E-commerce and Retail Industry Offerings - Autonomous Store / Luxoft IT Company






Benefits of Luxoft Finastra services


Business agility

Benefit from secure and scalable solutions tailored-made to address your business challenges. 


Reduced operational risk

Manage and reduce potential risks with reliable solutions built upon industry standards. 


Reduced TCO

Consolidate your efforts effectively with a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. 


Business continuity

Our Luxoft Finastra solutions are built with resilience in mind to deliver stable performance. 


Safe and secure cloud

Enhance your platform offerings with cloud-native, edge-computing-enabled solutions. 


A high-performance, scalable platform

Take your business to the next level with platforms built to enhance customer experience and generate value. 


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Talk to one of our wealth consultants



Finastra is a leading financial software vendor that provides best-in-breed solutions to its users in retail banking, lending, transaction banking and capital markets. Finastra software solutions power operations for around 8,100 financial institutions in over 130 countries. Finastra’s products include solutions for: 

  • Lending and corporate banking: Cash, liquidity and collateral management; commercial, mortgage, syndicated and consumer lending; loan origination; digital banking 
  • Payments: Corporate connectivity, payments hubs and financial messaging marketplaces 
  • Treasury and capital markets: Investment banking, securities finance, trading, treasury management, risk and compliance 
  • Universal banking: Digital, retail and commercial banking worldwide 
  • Investment management: Solutions for asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds and family offices 
  • Banking as-a-Service and embedded finance 

The exact feature set depends on the solution. The functionality of a hedge fund's treasury and risk solution will differ from the cash and liquidity management solution for a large bank. 

However, Finastra solutions have several characteristics in common: 

  • Open and API-first framework. Finastra users can adopt new technologies and integrations promptly and with reduced costs 
  • Microservices architecture. This improves system performance, enables optimal scalability and flexibility, reduces upgrade downtime and increases cost-efficiency 
  • Intuitive user experience. Finastra solutions come with a gentle learning curve thanks to intuitive workflows that allow end users to master them without enduring a prohibitively long onboarding program 
  • Single platform approach. Finastra solutions are designed to satisfy all of the user’s needs in one system 
  • Automation and data analytics. Finastra solutions automate workflows, improving employee productivity and helping users to make sense of the mountains of data 

Luxoft is one of Finastra’s long-time partners. We’ve been collaborating since 2006 and have developed one of the world’s top Finastra practices that enabled us to secure a strategic partnership in 2020. 

Hands-on Finastra expertise drives our advisory and program management, end-to-end implementation, knowledge transfer, as-a-Service transformation and cloud enablement services. Our rich experience includes working with Finastra’s treasury and risk, Treasury as-a-Service and Loan IQ solutions.

In 2023, Luxoft became the preferred provider of managed services and hosting for Kondor users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Luxoft’s partnership with Finastra allows us to facilitate cloud transformation for EMEA users of Kondor, a best-of-breed Finastra trading solution. 

This partnership enables us to offer our extensive delivery expertise to Kondor users on a turnkey basis. Luxoft helps clients reap the benefits of cloud and as-a-Service while gaining the adaptability, flexibility and resilience they need to remain competitive. 

Our wealth of experience onboarding and supporting Kondor users underscores seamless managed services that provide better cost control, improved risk management and future-proofed systems. 


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