Treasury solutions

Take your corporate treasury to the next level with Luxoft’s unrivaled expertise in bespoke development, Treasury as a Service, and Murex and Finastra product integration, configuration, and maintenance.




Our Treasury solutions

Luxoft’s Treasury as a Service

Let Luxoft worry about keeping your treasury solution up and running while you focus on your business. With our comprehensive front-to-back service, you no longer have to keep up with updates, maintenance, or compliance.

Murex integration

Entrust the market leader with Murex MX.3 integration and management. As a long-standing Murex partner, Luxoft is well-equipped to make even the most challenging Murex journeys frictionless and predictable.

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Finastra product integration

Borrow our expertise in integrating, upgrading, and managing Finastra products, from Kondor+ and Opics to Summit. As a Finastra partner since 2006, we’re well-versed in various Finastra product versions, use cases, and environments.

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Bespoke corporate treasury solutions

Leverage the top talent in software engineering to make delivery predictable and stable. Our skills are at your service to build a bespoke solution tailored to your needs, optimize or change an existing one.

Delivering a front-to-back-office treasury solution in 12 months


Our client, a digital bank, selected Luxoft for a phased delivery of an as-a-Service treasury solution. Our collaboration lasted 12 months, during which we:

●  Rolled out the initial solution for basic products by month 4

●  Implemented an improved treasury system with enhanced straight-through processing by month 7

●  Launched a fully advanced treasury solution by month 12

As a result, our client benefited from a quicker time-to-market, incremental coverage and a headache-free solution model that covers infrastructure, run, change and everything in between.


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Streamline your treasury while optimizing costs



Leverage Luxoft’s treasury expertise to facilitate management


With Luxoft’s banking, capital markets, and corporate treasury services, you can finally rely on technology to optimize every treasure process for cost-efficiency and performance. Our powerful delivery capabilities, time-tested practices, and extensive domain expertise enable us to make our clients’ digital transformation journeys smooth, predictable, and successful.

Our expertise is at your service, embodied in our secure, scalable, and fully integrated Treasury-as-a-service solution. We’ll worry about infrastructure, software, migration, and support while you secure your business growth.


Why choose Luxoft for Treasury services?

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Tangible cost savings 

Improving your bottom line is always our priority. For instance, our Treasury as a Service offering optimizes costs by saving anywhere between 20% and 40% in run and maintenance fees.

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Decades-long treasury experience 

Armed with 20+ years of experience in treasury, we’re uniquely positioned to overcome the most complex of challenges and ensure stable and predictable delivery according to the industry’s best practices.

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Extensive partner network 

Our long-standing partnerships with treasury industry leaders like Murex and Finastra allowed us to foster uniquely deep expertise in integrating, maintaining, upgrading, and customizing top vendor packages.

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Streamlined onboarding 

Our advanced project acceleration tools allow us to streamline delivery and ensure quicker time-to-market and onboarding for our clients. So, they get results faster without sacrificing quality in the process.


What we do


TOM and advisory

We’re here to help you make well-informed decisions. We employ our industry experience, technical expertise, and bespoke approach to deliver comprehensive target state analyses, buy vs build assessments, project roadmaps, and vendor solution comparisons.


Planning and organization

Our expertise is at your service to set your project up for success with thorough planning. We’re ready to lend you our project and program management competencies, tailor engagement models to your needs and collaborate using flexible risk-sharing models.


Integration and execution

Armed with extensive experience in banking and corporate treasury systems, we can help you breeze through your greenfield implementation or migration project. We can also take care of upgrades and technical extensions while you focus on your business.


Project to ITO transition

We can move into a supporting role after the rollout and continuously take care of your solution within the framework of our managed services model. We can also prepare your support team for taking over maintenance and management.

Sectors we serve

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Investment banks

Consolidate your treasury, FX, and risk activities on a single, Kondor-driven platform. From electronic trading to real-time position keeping and credit and market risk, you are covered from the front to the back office.

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Corporate treasuries

Maintain all your operations, from liquidity to cash flows and financial positions, on a single platform while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance. Our solution comes with extensive asset coverage, comprehensive financial exposure analysis, and optimized hedging costs.


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Make treasury solutions work for you with Luxoft



Frequently Asked Questions

With Luxoft’s Treasury as a Service, you no longer have to allocate your finite resources to your treasury system’s infrastructure, maintenance, software, support, and upgrades. Our experts will take care of it for you in exchange for a transparent and predictable fee with a straightforward cost structure.

In a nutshell, we will host and manage your chosen third-party treasury platform. The platform will remain responsible for developing and releasing new platform functionality and updates. We, in turn, will take care of user support, hosting, upgrades, and tech ops.

Our Treasury as a Service goes beyond allowing you to dedicate your resources to what matters more. It also leads to tangible cost savings of up to 50% in IT spending.

Treasury system ownership entails considerable running costs, slow time-to-market, and increased management complexity. Treasury as-a-service can counter all those challenges by:

Accelerating time-to-market. The XaaS vendor follows established best practices and has the skills, tools, and resources required for fast deployment. So, treasury system upgrades and new functionality can be rolled out more promptly.
Improving data security. The XaaS vendor maintains systems up-to-date on advanced data security best practices and regulatory compliance. The client doesn’t have to allocate extra resources to achieve the same results.
Optimizing costs. All costs associated with infrastructure maintenance and technical support are absorbed by the XaaS vendor. Luxoft’s Treasury as a Service solution saves our clients between 20% and 40% in IT spending.
Enhancing flexibility and scalability. Cloud computing resources can be quickly and automatically scaled up and down. This allows the organization to breeze through spikes and slumps in transactions and use.

Treasury as a service comes with multiple advantages that accelerate the transition to the digital treasury:

Faster time-to-market. Where deployment previously took 12 to 18 months, now, as-a-service solutions can be rolled out into production within months, weeks, or even days.
Faster revenue generation. As a result of accelerated time-to-market, organizations can start increasing revenue and offsetting costs early on.
More efficient resource use. The vendor takes care of the infrastructure, migration, software, maintenance, and support. So, the client doesn’t need to spend their finite resources on those tasks.
More transparent cost structure. IT spending becomes more predictable and straightforward, without the need to account for not-so-obvious hardware maintenance fees or come up with a substantial upfront investment.