Luxoft EarlyResolution™ Lending software solution

Use smart technology to streamline the default management process for borrowers, and manage all aspects of loss mitigation and compliance via multiple channels 

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Modern challenges in consumer lending


Consumer loan servicers face high costs, rapid business change, and inflexible legacy technology, all while trying to focus on providing an exceptional borrower experience. Disparate, disconnected systems lead to many inefficiencies without a single source of truth, not to mention the eternal cloud/on-premises question, relentless consumer protection regulations, and massive cost pressures due to shrinking margins. 

This leads to serious inefficiencies and long wait times in an era when clients expect service to be fast.


Auto loan servicers are facing similar challenges.


Auto loan servicers strive to streamline their processes, reduce manual intervention, and improve efficiency to overcome these challenges and enhance operational control, reporting, and audit trails. By implementing modern technology and centralized toolsets, auto loan servicers can also improve the overall borrower experience. 


Luxoft’s Solution – EarlyResolution


EarlyResolution automates the entire loan-default process and enables core collection scripting, customer service, short sale, loss mitigation and foreclosure activities. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package helps servicers keep portfolios compliant with regulations, credit risk, and investors, while the underwriting feature includes investor rules in line with management and regulatory guidance on retention and liquidation workouts. 

Early Resolution is one single source of truth for all resolution stakeholders. 

Experience the transformative power of Early Resolution software as it automates the entire loan default process, revolutionizing efficiency and productivity 

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EarlyResolution™ borrower portal means better business outcomes

Luxoft’s state-of-the-art software solution engineered exclusively for loan-servicing companies

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EarlyResolution™ streamlines auto-loan default management

EarlyResolution’s Software as-a-Service (SaaS) is a leading default management platform for the auto loan servicing industry

The Luxoft EarlyResolution Advantage

Why choose EarlyResolution

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Luxoft has a proven record of success

Our company has a 15-year track record as an enterprise-class decisioning engine. EarlyResolution is proven to reduce default operations costs and credit losses.

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A highly scalable and secure choice

The architecture helps servicers keep pace with regulatory and compliance changes without changing software code. Financial institutions can adjust the system in just days or weeks.

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An industry-aligned platform

We built EarlyResolution in response to industry demands and will continue updating to meet new business needs in close collaboration with the industry and its experts.

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Access to industry knowledge and expertise

Our solutions are scalable, secure, and connected to the fintech ecosystem through rapid third-party integrations.


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workout decisions run each year 

25% – 30%

savings in call-management cycles

30% – 50%

workflow lift in resource and efficiency gains

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The future of default management

Mortgage servicers today are adopting technologies that will transform their operations by leveraging more automation, customer personalization and efficiency. 

To learn more read the article — Digital default management. 

Transform your business now

Our consumer lending platform automates the entire loan default management process from initial contact through underwriting and settlement 


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React to critical change quickly with EarlyResolution


React to critical change quickly with EarlyResolution

How does EarlyResolution relieve regulatory pressure on loan servicers?


How does EarlyResolution relieve regulatory pressure on loan servicers?

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EarlyResolution is the industry’s leading default management solution, built and maintained by Luxoft in alignment with industry demands. It is trusted by half of the mortgage servicing industry in the United States. 

EarlyResolution is designed to be a single source of truth for all lending operations across all channels and systems, at every step of the lending process from initial customer contact to loss mitigation and settlement. 

We made sure EarlyResolution is future-proof and can be tailored to any need. That’s why our solution is: 

  • Highly configurable – to provide users with the flexibility to tailor it to their needs 
  • Cloud-based – to enable users to reap the benefits of the cloud, such as lower maintenance costs and TCO 
  • Built on an open SaaS architecture to support complex operating environments 

EarlyResolution possesses a well-rounded toolkit that orchestrates every step of the loan management process, from the first customer contact to collection processing and settlement. The platform serves as a single source of truth for data and documents for every party involved: servicers, borrowers, lenders, and other stakeholders. 

Call management and workflow processing help guide agents to the best resolution and manage downstream processes and third-party interactions in a single case. With a high level of automation that doesn’t come at the price of flexibility and customizability, EarlyResolution streamlines complex services, enables consistent omnichannel customer experience, and simplifies compliance. 

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions that choose the EarlyResolution consumer lending solution reap the following three benefits: 

  • Streamlined workflows. Automation speeds up a myriad of workflows, boosting employee productivity and operational efficiency, reducing cycle time by up to 30%.  
  • Accelerated decision-making. Loan default processing becomes 20% faster thanks to automation, which also mitigates the risk of human error.  
  • Transformed customer experience. Faster processing times, simplified processes, and omnichannel consistency take the customer experience to the next level. Improved transparency can reduce inbound status call volumes by up to 35%.