SmartStream integration partner

As SmartStream’s global engineering partner and a capital markets expert with 45+ years of experience, Luxoft has a unique position to deliver expertise-driven support, advisory, development and testing services to SmartStream users.




Streamline mission-critical operations with next-generation technologies

SmartStream is a recognized leader in financial transaction management solutions that enable firms to improve operational control, reduce costs, build new revenue streams, mitigate risk and comply accurately with the regulators.

By helping its customers through their transformative digital strategies, SmartStream provides a range of solutions for the transaction lifecycle with Al and machine learning technologies embedded. These can be deployed in the cloud or as managed services.

As a result, many of the world's top 100 banks rely on SmartStream Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions to deliver greater efficiency to their operations.

Luxoft joined forces with SmartStream to help clients create leaner post-trade operations and meet financial industry challenges with confidence. As global engineering partner, we provide application backup, project management, and development and testing support across the entire SmartStream platform. Knowledge sharing and training agreements enable us to rapidly build and maintain expert SmartStream competency levels for our consultants and engineers.


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What Luxoft can do for you



Supercharge your transaction life cycle optimization and avoid costly mistakes with our expertise in program governance and management, delivery roadmap and phasing, and project planning and estimation.


Change and build

Let our certified experts implement, customize, and deploy your SmartStream suite while you focus on core business activities. We’ll tailor SmartStream to your needs and goals.


Test strategy

Ensure your SmartStream suite works without a hitch or glitch with our comprehensive functional and performance testing strategy planning and execution. We implement automated testing to optimize costs.



Accelerate and enhance adoption with our SmartStream training services and transition support for in-house teams. We’ll ensure deployment goes smoothly with runbook management and go-live stabilization.

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Make the most out of your SmartStream investment with Luxoft

Why choose Luxoft for SmartStream integration?

SmartStream’s global engineering partner


Luxoft has been SmartStream’s partner since 2020. Our close collaboration with SmartStream allowed Luxoft to become a leading expert in the suite’s implementation, customization and deployment.

Exclusive benefits


As part of our SmartStream partnership, Luxoft benefits from a dedicated competency development environment. Our access to certified SmartStream training ensures we follow best practices and can solve the most complex of problems.

Deep industry expertise


Luxoft has been serving the financial industry for over 45 years. So, not only do we have a proven track record of successful projects, but we can also take on the most challenging of projects thanks to our unrivaled, broad industry expertise.

Ready-to-use blueprints


Our experience has allowed us to draft blueprints for key reconciliations and testing processes. It lets us accelerate solution implementation and testing, meaning you start benefiting from it faster without extra risk.

Bespoke solutions, always


Our comprehensive blueprints don’t mean we neglect your unique needs. We’re fluent in customizing SmartStream solutions to tailor them to our clients’ workflows, goals, and infrastructure. With us, you always get a bespoke solution.

Expertise beyond SmartStream


Luxoft is a certified Murex, Calypso, and OpenLink partner. Our network also includes Avaloq, GoldenSource, AxiomSL, Planixs, LoanIQ and Moody’s. Thus, we are your one-stop shop for your package implementation needs.


News and insights

Reconciliation: A white paper on reconciliation needs and best practices


Reconciliation: A white paper on reconciliation needs and best practices

Toward firmwide resource management


Toward firmwide resource management

Liquidity management in banking: Definition, ways to improve, benefits


Liquidity management in banking: Definition, ways to improve, benefits



Frequently asked questions

SmartStream is a leading transaction lifecycle solution provider with over 40 years of experience and 2,000+ customers served by 24 global offices. Its solutions power reconciliation, cash and liquidity management, post-trade processing, and more across 70 of the world’s top 100 banks, payment service providers, and capital markets firms and corporations.

SmartStream solutions allow its users to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, unlock new revenue streams, and reduce operational costs with their advanced automation, AI and ML, and analytics capabilities.

SmartStream is also the company behind the trademarked Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) approach to removing bottlenecks from transaction flows with advanced automation tools. The company’s cutting-edge TLM solutions can be deployed using cloud environments, managed services, and other collaboration and rollout models.

Here are the 10 best reconciliation practices worth considering:

● Perform reconciliation and review outstanding items every day
● Minimize the number of transactional data attributes for reconciliation while ensuring the data is complete
● Mask and encrypt sensitive data to prevent its exposure
● Resolve an exception within a fixed time in case of a data break
● Perform reconciliation within the same account
● Assign unique identifiers to accounts or ensure other references used in the process are the same
● Enable dual approval for user authorization
● Set up reconciliation feeds to load in real time or batches
● Schedule reconciliation or set up triggers for it
● Automatically generate reports and present them to users for approval

Instead of ensuring T+1 compliance by increasing headcount, firms can achieve the same accelerated trade settlement goals with SmartStream’s automation, APIs, microservices, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

SmartStream can easily handle tremendous data sets and complex calculations, enabling it to process tens of millions of transactions a day.

As a SmartStream global engineering partner, Luxoft is well-versed in T+1 compliance best practices, as well as trade settlement and SmartStream advisory, change and build, and deployment.

Our SmartStream partnership allows us to help our clients not only secure full T+1 compliance but also lay the foundation for future T+0 compliance. We do so by modernizing existing infrastructure, ensuring agility and optimizing client costs.