Banking IT services and solutions

Boost your operational efficiency and deliver outstanding customer experiences to beat the fintech and neobank competition with Luxoft’s banking IT services.



Banking IT services we provide


Core banking modernization

Core banking modernization

Decrease the IT estate complexity, improve reliability, reduce IT costs, and implement cutting-edge features at lightning speed

Hogan Services

Hogan services

As creator and custodian of Hogan, Luxoft has the business and technical acumen to modernize your Hogan implementation and maximize its performance

Connected Bank

Connected Bank

Luxoft’s complete and fully scalable banking solution, hosted in the cloud and offered on a modular, subscription basis



Luxoft’s best-in-class SaaS-based default management platform, offering flexibility and greater efficiency to streamline lending services and improve the customer experience

Wealth management technology

Wealth management technology

Optimize existing technology, integrate new solutions, or build a custom platform with our end-to-end development services

CAMS II Services

CAMS II services

A proven solution for card issuers, supporting multi-tenant, real-time processing for low and high-volume issuers and processors globally

Software engineering and advisory

Software engineering and advisory

Introduce, upgrade or modernize a bespoke software solution to better suit your needs and beat the neobank and fintech company competition, with our full-range IT services for banks

Banking Transformation Advisory

Banking Transformation Advisory

Luxoft guides transformative journeys to unlock clients’ full digital potential. Learn how partnering with our Banking Transformation Advisory team works in practice



A customized Customer Engagement Solution designed for the unique needs of financial institutions, with a key emphasis on cultivating strong customer relationships across the entire customer life cycle


Cloud banking

Luxoft’s cloud banking services help clients remain competitive in a digital-first economy. Learn how cloud solutions enhance cost control, increase scalability and ensure stability, performance and resilience

Our banking technology partners

Luxoft has global partnerships with leading vendor and open-source platform providers, and offers a comprehensive range of platform integration, management, run and advisory services.

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How Luxoft’s Hogan helps banks deliver outstanding customer experiences

Hogan optimizes processes, delivers better business outcomes, facilitates system maintenance and improvement, and unlocks the full potential of data.

Sectors we serve 

Retail and commercial banking

Business challenges we help to solve


Fostering trust among users

Enhance brand trust with a comprehensive data protection policy and up-to-date data security that consumers demand.


Minimizing customer turnover

Retain your customers with innovative products, streamlined operations, and user experiences that match their expectations.


Improving customer experience and loyalty

Foster customer loyalty with personalized, frictionless customer experiences that address their pain points consistently across all channels.


Delivering highly personalized customer experiences

Meet your customers’ expectations with real-time personalization and offerings tailored to their needs across all touchpoints.


Implementing a single customer view (SCV)

Aggregate all the data on your customers on a single page to drive your decision-making process.


Optimizing operations for efficiency

Boost your profit by eliminating unnecessary costs, decreasing IT spending, automating manual tasks, and improving employee productivity.


Luxoft, the banking transformation partner you can rely on


With 45+ years of experience in banking IT services under our belt, we’re fluent in overcoming the most complex technical challenges for our clients. From retail banks to wealth managers and consumer lenders, we help forward-thinking organizations achieve their goals with cutting-edge technology.

With us, you receive bespoke end-to-end solutions powered by our deep domain expertise. Whether you’re looking to optimize for profit, modernize your systems, navigate the data torrents, or deliver exceptional customer experiences, we tailor every solution to your needs.

What we can do for you

Make your decision-making truly data-driven by unlocking the full potential of financial data with advanced analytics.

Increase customer retention and enhance employee productivity with intuitive, human-centric user experiences in your mobile, web, or desktop applications.

Overcome the most complex challenges and achieve your business goals with secure bespoke solutions developed by top talent experienced in IT services for banking.

Accelerate your time to market and optimize costs for new features and products with comprehensive testing automation.

Eliminate the constraints of your legacy system and future-proof your organization by modernizing your IT banking infrastructure.

Reduce operational costs, boost employee productivity, and improve financial performance with advanced approaches to automation.

Improve uptime, performance, and scalability and speed up the production cycle by migrating your banking solution to the cloud.

Luxoft’s banking services at a glance

45+ years

of domain expertise


active clients who trust us


experts in the banking industry on our team


countries where we provide banking IT services


of the top 20 global banks chose us as their partner


of our engineers have master’s degrees

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Pinpointing and addressing banking transformation challenges


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Frequently asked questions

To be done right, banking IT transformation must stand on these five pillars:

Continuity. Avoid interrupting your business processes during transformation. Your banking software solutions have to be continuously maintained and updated afterward
Collaboration. Involve all stakeholders in devising the digital transformation strategy. It has to include a sound assessment of the project scope, costs, and timeline
Standardization. Avoid data silos, a fractured digital ecosystem, and incompatible goals by standardizing your systems and eliminating the complexity of legacy systems
Governance. Establish the responsibility for digital transformation efforts and introduce clear goals and objectives that align with your organization’s mission and vision
Expertise. Partner with an expert in digital transformation and banking software services. Their domain-specific expertise will help you avoid common pitfalls and get a solution corresponding to your needs

Yes, our IT services for banks include hybrid cloud migration services for banks that envision switching to Hogan, a core banking solution. Hogan allows banks to get the best of public and private clouds.

We help clients switch to this hybrid cloud solution with as little friction as possible, all while maximizing their return on investment. In our process, we thoroughly analyze and address the client’s key challenges, such as:

● Enabling remote or hybrid work
● Digitizing documentation
● Supporting cardless transactions
● Digitalizing branch activities and workflows

The following four trends are to define 2023 in banking:

Cloud migration. Cloud infrastructure allows for better performance, uptime, and adaptable scalability. That’s why the cloud is the number one technology introduced in the framework of digital transformation in banking
Hyperpersonalization. It’s no longer enough for a customer banking software solution to be convenient and intuitive. Customers want an experience tailored not just to their preferences but to their intentions and future needs, as well
Fintech competition. Bank executives already consider fintech companies the main threat, and for a good reason – they innovate faster. Tech companies also challenge banks by launching fintech products (e.g., Apple Card)
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AI and ML allow banks to reduce costs, automate manual tasks, and gain insights into mountains of data. From chatbots to advanced data analytics, these two technologies will continue to shape banks’ day-to-day operations

You need to embed resilience in the bank’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Ensuring it means revisiting and strengthening risk management, stress testing, liquidity management, and capital planning.

A core banking solution helps organizations address all of the above with the help of advanced data aggregation and analytics.

For example, a Temenos health check can aid in identifying and fixing any potential issues that may become a disaster if unaddressed. As a result, banks receive not only a list of issues but also ways to resolve them.

Does it align with your interests? Luxoft is a certified Temenos services partner with an experienced team of senior Temenos experts. Contact us to discuss how a Temenos health check can help you build resilience in your banking operations.