Environmental, Social and Governance

We’re committed to sustainable and responsible business practices to provide better technology solutions for our clients.

Luxoft’s ESG philosophy


Our focus is on our people, customers and communities. We want to make positive change in the communities we work in. Luxoft’s ESG philosophy embodies our global approach to creating sustainable growth through innovation.



Taking care of the environment, ensuring sustainable business operations and raising awareness among employees, taking action to reduce our impact on climate change and supporting eco activities across our locations.

Health and well-being

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their family members, promoting well-being, raising awareness on mental health issues, and contributing to the development of local communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an inclusive, ethical workplace where diversity matters, attracting and developing diverse talents, promoting Diversity and Inclusion programs internally and externally.

Quality education

Ensuring high-quality education and opportunities for career development to attract and retain the best talent, providing support to educational institutions.

Community support

Giving back to the local communities, supporting people in need, cooperating with the local NGOs, running fundraising campaigns and developing socially-oriented solutions.


Pursuing growth while making sure we foster the long-term viability of operations in terms of environmental, social, and ethical factors.

Adhering to all established guidelines related to how we lead Luxoft while firmly grounding day-to-day operations in a clear, ethical code of conduct that both protects and accelerates our business.