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Together, Luxoft and AWS deliver powerful solutions that change the way financial services clients think about business




Luxoft — AWS Premier Consulting Partner


As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 4000+ certifications and 8000+ accreditations, Luxoft delivers agile, end-to-end cloud solutions enabled by the Luxoft AWS practice. Luxoft is the only vendor to deliver the full lifecycle of professional cloud services: advisory, transformation, integration and management, all driven by our close partnership with AWS. We provide an advanced range of solutions from application migration and modernization, security, analytics and fully managed business applications consumed as-a-Service.

Why Luxoft

Luxoft AWS Practice

Luxoft and AWS have formed a practice to support digital transformation on a global scale. This is the most significant agreement of its kind for AWS, positioning Luxoft and AWS to ensure our customers derive maximum ROI from AWS with minimal risk.

Flexible services

Luxoft offers managed services tailored to your business needs. Whether you have mission-critical systems that demand a full suite of services or are looking for strategy advisory, managed run and change or outcome-based modernization, we can scale and align to meet those needs.

Global presence

Luxoft’s global delivery model provides a global local presence for financial services, providing you with both the domain expertise and technical excellence required to exceed your business, regulatory and strategic demands.

Reduce cost and risk

Seasoned advisors and consultants deliver savings and reduce risks by evaluating the suitability of your applications portfolio for public cloud and using Luxoft tools, processes and services for risk mitigation, security and regulatory compliance.




Unlock extra business value
with Luxoft and AWS



The Luxoft AWS Practice

Enabling clients to grow
their business


Leverage cloud economics and the associated savings to fund future innovation and drive growth

Accelerating innovation and transformation


Quick access to secure services and solutions that drive cost savings, agility and innovation

Enhancing the client experience


Streamline operations, unify go to market, simplify procurement, align dedicated and knowledgeable teams to make doing business easier

Client benefits


•  Scaled digital delivery
•  Accelerated digital transformation
•  Increased business growth
•  Optimized industry IP on AWS
•  Streamlined pricing and procurement

Global certifications


AWS Certifications: 4000+ certifications and 8000+ accreditations

AWS competencies & programs


•  Big data, migration, SAP (via UXC Oxygen)
•  Authorized Government Reseller
•  AWS Channel Reseller
•  AWS China Region Partner
•  AWS Government Partner Program
•  AWS Managed Service Program
•  AWS Test Drive Partner


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Luxoft Beyond


Clients expect greater operational efficiency from migrating their applications to the cloud. Only Luxoft has the vision and experience to go beyond these expectations.

The Luxoft Beyond technology and industry partner ecosystem are constantly evolving with all the latest upgrades, innovations and a tight focus on security, coupled with the best uptime track record in banking. Luxoft’s as-a-Service solutions center on 24/7 supervision, lowering costs, improving stability and increasing resilience and adaptability.


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We are your biggest

In banking, change is a constant. And the key to managing that change is leveraging domain-specific expertise and taking small steps on multiple digital fronts. Luxoft and AWS are at the center of this transformational journey and have many real-world insights to share. Download our e-book and get the inside story on issues like data security, cloud migration and the role of as-a-Service a strategic and cost-efficient route to increased flexibility and successful change management.

Unleash the awesome power of Murex in the cloud

Case studies

Transition from CAPEX to OPEX

Luxoft helped a global insurance company reduce the cost of operating their SAP and SAP HANA environment by migrating to an AWS environment. This also transitioned the cost from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure aligned with actual usage and business value delivered.

Operational agility

Luxoft helped a global oil and gas company increase operational agility by adopting AWS to support their datacenter expansion.

Optimized workload

Luxoft assisted a financial client in understanding what applications are best migrated to AWS and how to ensure they maintain or improve existing performance criteria without losing control of costs or exposing unnecessary risk.


Luxoft professional services helped a financial services company to modernize its applications to ensure they operate in a cloud-optimized way and that the applications can take advantage of all relevant AWS services. This effort included architecting a secure environment coupled with Luxoft and AWS security services for a secure public cloud footprint.

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If you d like to find out how the Luxoft AWS partnership works in practice and the different ways we can support your organization, contact us.