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Luxoft and GoldenSource provide a comprehensive enterprise data management (EDM) solution, offering a data-vendor-neutral, configurable workflow that covers the data lifecycle, advanced monitoring and reporting functionalities via a user-friendly interface.





GoldenSource enterprise data management


GoldenSource is the largest independent provider of enterprise data management (EDM) software and cloud EDM services. It standardizes reference data and market data management, simplifying research and analysis and mitigating risk through a single point of contact.

Our official partnership (signed in 2019) and reselling agreement enables us to target data management transformation projects, replacing aging in-house data infrastructure while supporting GoldenSource’s Go Cloud strategy.


EDM as a strategic business asset


Decision-making and regulatory reporting based on poor-quality data can cost millions of dollars in fees and loss of business. Accurate, consistent and transparent data are crucial. GoldenSource solutions are used by 25% of the world’s systemically important banks. GoldenSource centralizes and governs the deluge of urgent capital markets information, promptly delivering validated, enriched and properly curated reference data to integrated downstream systems — a significant business asset improving growth and governance.


Challenge resolution


GoldenSource enterprise data management resolves the challenges facing the industry today:

  • Expanding volumes of data
  • Increasing regulatory obligations
  • More complex demands of data-driven business models
  • Fragmented legacy IT systems
  • Rising cost/profitability concerns driving digitization and automation

GoldenSource solutions give organizations a clear understanding of the relationships between legal entities, issuers, counterparties, customers, securities, products and transactions, etc. We maintain the gold data standard for clients worldwide.

Why Luxoft

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Global partnership with GoldenSource

  • Luxoft, GoldenSource's global engineering partner
  • Joint customer delivery according to engagement structures
  • Rapid scaling of competency through knowledge sharing and training agreement
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Choose exclusivity for key benefits

  • Joint management of customer satisfaction issues for common clients
  • Dedicated environment at Luxoft for internal competency development
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Project embedding via GoldenSource

  • Luxoft personnel embedded in GoldenSource's project delivery
  • Execution follows best practices developed by both firms
  • Possible continued Luxoft support and BAU enhancement for cost efficiency
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  • Advisory: SMEs, consultancy, knowledge sharing, thought leadership
  • Project: Project frameworks/delivery, implementation, migration, upgrades, development, QA
  • Run and change: Managed service, support, nearshore delivery, testing

Our solutions

EDM 360-degree , out-of-the-box solution


Interface with common data suppliers (superior maintenance.) Avoid hidden costs, keeping feed handlers current amid constant vendor-feed changes
• Over 200 off-the-shelf rules for data quality and processing
• Can be implemented faster and at a lower cost than most other offerings

EDM solutions — buy side


• GoldenSource Nexus
Nexus investment data warehouse helps managers optimize change management and data quality, stewardship and governance by handling data consolidation and reporting in one seamless, integrated solution
• Security Master

Security Master ensures clean reference data is always available, across all business domains, with full audit and data-lineage traceability
• Customer Master

The Customer Master EDM tool acts as a global entity master. It links customers and counterparties, along with employees, branches, contacts, addresses, accounts and products
• Connections

The connections/adaptors module loads data into GoldenSource’s EDM applications — Security Master, Product Master or Customer Master. Connections receives and processes vendor feeds immediately upon installation (no mapping)

EDM solutions — sell side


• Cut data-sourcing costs by integrating third-party data automatically
• Save time and money by trimming validation/exception management and reducing failed trades
• Protect against reputational and regulatory risk
• Identify cross/upselling opportunities faster and more accurately
• Increase market share — move into new markets, regions or product categories, reusing EDM reference data architecture
• Accurately highlight enterprise-wide risk/opportunities
• Integrate acquisition data, achieving early value without changing ops systems/processes
• Improve client service, support product innovation and optimize regulatory compliance

Our capabilities


Cutting aggregation costs

Lower data-sourcing costs through the automatic integration of third-party data


Simplifying operations

Eliminating much of the downstream need for validation and exception management, saving time and admin costs


Standardizing processes

Fewer failed trades


Maintaining credibility

Protection against reputational and regulatory risk


Optimizing value

Acquisitions data integrated without changing operational systems and processes, driving value as early and cost-effectively as possible


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