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Streamline regulatory compliance, liquidity, risk management, and reporting with best practices and the latest innovations. Our expertise in RegTech in financial services, third-party integrations, and bespoke development is at your service




Our RegTech services


Regulatory reporting solutions

Accelerate and automate your regulatory reporting as-a-Service that span bespoke solution development; AxiomSL and Moody’s integration, configuration, and management; and regulatory reporting as a service.

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Leverage our top-tier partnership with SmartStream to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, reduce the total cost of ownership and streamline workflows. SmartStream is a leading reconciliation solution powered by cutting-edge technologies, such as AI.

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Data management

Let our certified GoldenSource, Alveo, and NeoXam RegTech consultants advise you on project feasibility and roadmap. We can also integrate your solution into your digital ecosystem, tailor it to your needs, and upgrade and maintain it.

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Liquidity management

Enhance your liquidity management with real-time insights, mitigate liquidity risks, accurately forecast cash flows, and identify fraud more precisely with predictive analytics. Leverage our partnership with Planixs and SmartStream, two leading liquidity management solutions.

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Enterprise risk management

Let our experts integrate, customize, maintain and run your installation of Moody's Analytics. Thanks to our alliance partnership and broad domain expertise, we’re uniquely well-equipped to help you reduce your TCO and maximize your ROI.

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Bespoke RegTech solutions

Take advantage of the best in RegTech financial services actors can access with our bespoke solutions. Our expertise in multi-jurisdictional compliance and cutting-edge technologies like predictive analytics and intelligent automation is at your service.

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Delivering a global liquidity risk management platform

Fulfilling regulatory obligations with internal liquidity stress test for 120 banks

Best of RegTech powered by decades-long expertise


Don’t let regulatory compliance undermine your ambitions and distract you from your core operations. Armed with decades of expertise in RegTech in financial services, we can help you leverage the best of regulation technology to streamline compliance and optimize associated costs.

From reporting and reconciliations to enterprise risk and liquidity management, we’re here to help you leave cumbersome, risk-prone regulatory compliance processes behind. Our services span from consulting and planning to bespoke development and third-party integrations.


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Facilitate regulatory compliance with Luxoft’s RegTech expertise

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What we do

Advisory and process


Hire a fresh pair of expert eyes to get an independent opinion on your project’s feasibility, cost-effectiveness and implementation. We can also help you prepare for the change by drafting up its strategy, roadmap and governance system.

Change and build


We’re here to customize your existing solution or build a bespoke one. With us, you get a tool or software stack that’s tailored to your unique needs, goals and challenges, from data management and analytics to reporting.

Platform integration


We help you secure stakeholder buy-in and make the right decision with a comprehensive buy vs. build analysis. To minimize TCO and maximize ROI, we leverage our partnerships with leading RegTech product vendors in our turn-key integration services and managed delivery.

Digital enablement


Borrow our expertise to leverage the latest regulatory technologies without overrunning costs and hefty risks. From DevOps and Agile delivery to cloud migration, we ensure your digital transformation is as predictable, frictionless and risk-free as possible.

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The future of RegTech in banking


The future of RegTech in banking

Liquidity management in banking: Definition, ways to improve, benefits


Liquidity management in banking: Definition, ways to improve, benefits

Add real-time intraday liquidity insight to your treasury arsenal


Add real-time intraday liquidity insight to your treasury arsenal


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Leverage the best of RegTech to streamline compliance



Frequently Asked Questions

RegTech, a portmanteau of Regulatory Technology, refers to technology that ensures regulatory compliance in banking and financial services. The three key areas where RegTech is applied are:

● Monitoring
● Reporting
● Compliance

Whether through a bespoke solution or a platform one, RegTech helps banks and financial services businesses:

● Reduce the need for increasing headcount to maintain regulatory compliance
● Optimize regulatory compliance costs and improve the associated processes’ efficiency with automation
● Identify potentially fraudulent activities in real time and more accurately with predictive analytics and other technologies
● Gain real-time insights into every aspect of operations with solutions for real-time liquidity management, reconciliations and more

In our professional opinion, an effective RegTech solution is one that allows our client to attain the set goals vis-à-vis efficiency, cost optimization and so on. To that end, it should employ an ensemble of technologies, such as:

Big data. It enables the solution to process and analyze swaths of data at exceptional speeds
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These two technologies excel at risk modeling and stress testing, fraud detection and intelligent know your customer (KYC) automation
Robotic process automation (RPA). It’s a cost-effective solution for automating routine, rule-based tasks, such as data entry and verification
Open APIs. They allow for securely acquiring data from connected devices, such as sensors, and using biometric data for authentication and fraud prevention
Cloud computing. Without it, it’d be impossible for the solution to run complex calculations or embed technologies like predictive analytics and big data

With over 2,000 RegTech solutions saturating the market as of 2023, it’s become increasingly difficult to select the right product. Here are the three key considerations we advise banks to keep in mind when navigating the RegTech market:

● The solution has to meet organizational and compliance needs, which depend on the bank’s size, existing software stack and jurisdiction(s)
● It has to be in the appropriate price range, with all cost structure components from hosting to management taken into account. Costs should be predictable and transparent
● It has to rely on the technologies that maximize the solution’s longevity, enable stable performance, and ensure compatibility with the legacy estate. They should also correspond to the skills of the in-house management and maintenance team

If you envision the move to the cloud for your RegTech estate, make sure you take the following into consideration:

Legacy estate. Analyze whether your legacy estate’s age and technologies may get in the way of migration and review or draft up a cloud and governance policy
Data management. Ensure the data will be well governed and secure during and after the move to the cloud. Consider regulations towards security and privacy here as well
Vendor. Choose your vendor wisely: Pay attention to aligning the functionality, privacy and security practices with your needs and preferences
Jurisdiction-specific regulations. In some jurisdictions, regulatory requirements towards cloud-based RegTech are already detailed and strict. In others, they remain general or non-existent
Costs and risks. Estimate not just the migration costs, but also the running costs of your RegTech solution in the cloud, as well. Don’t overlook potential risks and their mitigation routes