Networking and technology

Creating network and technology solutions for software-defined organizations

Accelerating and enhancing the capabilities of networks and automation for service providers, manufacturers and their customers 

How we can help


  • Flexible solutions to meet customer and market needs through state-of-the-art technologies and the best talents globally 
  • Comprehensive services portfolio that covers product engineering, integration, automation, technical and operations support 
  • Our global representation provides diverse hiring options to our clients 
  • Scalable product and solution engineering, transformation and modernization complying with industry standards  


Our solutions

We apply our deep domain expertise to develop, deliver, and optimize your solutions faster, ensuring the best time to market.  

  • Build or upgrade platforms aligned with the best practices in cloud-native software and management standards 
  • Benefit from our knowledge of management interfaces and protocols for flexible product or service integration and visibility 
  • Use advanced accelerators and ecosystem blueprints in creating any location or stage automation and automated validation 

Management and orchestration platforms and services  

  • Create cutting-edge solutions using flexible consumption models in cloud and data centers  
  • Build scalable, industry-compliant cloud-native platforms covering from component to end-to-end service lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Employ the latest standards and cutting-edge technologies for building advanced automation
  • Integrate custom monitoring services using scalable technologies and applications 
  • Use DevOps automation to build high-quality products and applications through all phases of validation 

Cloud-based platforms for unified communications and collaboration 

  • Develop customizable protocol stacks, control, signaling and media processing software 
  • Deliver integrated PBX, IP and web-based communication platforms with a rich set of collaboration capabilities 
  • Build or transform software platforms with integrated networking capabilities 
  • Deliver cloud-native applications with streamlined usability  

LAN/WAN connectivity and NOS exposure 

  • Benefit from extensive networking and software engineering expertise to deliver telco-grade, multi-technology solutions  
  • Combine virtualization technologies with secure networking services and protocol stacks to deliver connectivity and access solutions for intra- and inter-cloud 
  • Build on-device control and software management plans for building software-defined integrative solutions

Hardware and virtual appliances with cloud-based management 

  • Use our tech expertise to build and integrate high-performing networking and communication equipment  
  • Develop telco-grade series software according to IETF, TCA, ITU-T, MEF and IEEE standards  
  • Increase product value using our R&D experience for building innovative solutions 
  • Reduce TCO through high-quality products and ready-made accelerators 
  • Access global talent for all-role staffing and for all-phase product lifecycle  

Industrial control systems and industrial IoT-based automation

  • Modernize and transform your industrial control ecosystem 
  • Benefit from our expertise in constrained embedded development for multiple targets like microcontrollers, SoC or PLC 
  • Build effective control- and management-plane messaging and gateway solutions for any-network communications 
  • Leverage domain  knowledge in building high-precision process control and automation 
  • Create scalable and customizable industrial networking solutions covering a wide range of environmental needs with embedded software features and cloud-based control 
  • Develop secure and accurate solutions for software validation 

Mobile core systems, services and automation 

  • Deep expertise in technology solutions for cloud-native applications, infrastructure and automation 
  • Employ our strong knowledge of 5G standards and use cases expertise across multiple SDOs (3GPP, ETSI, O-RAN, BBF) 
  • Design and modernize core components in a cloud-native service-based architecture 
  • Virtual 5G core infrastructure deployment for end-to-end mobile services validation 
  • Address multiple 5G NSA scenarios, including multi-access integration or creation of innovative services through secure network exposure 

RAN services, components and ecosystem 

  • Leverage our strong knowledge of O-RAN and 3GPP RAN standards  
  • Benefit from consistent delivery via Agile methodology and DevOps practices 
  • RAN services orchestration and management  
  • Use our ready-made accelerators to develop high-quality products and reduce time to market  

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Vicente Pava
Vicente Pava

Executive Vice President of Cross-Industry Solutions

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Vicente Pava

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Vicente Pava

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Kenneth Marchant

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James Hopson

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Radu Manea

TMT 5G Solutions Lead