Capital Markets

Enabling cutting-edge trading and risk management solutions

We create and integrate market-leading software for the Capital Markets domain that meets clients’ financial risk management, compliance and trading needs and delivers better business outcomes.




Optimize for added value


Investment Banks and Capital Markets firms rely on a vast array of skilled professionals to maintain and change complex systems architecture. In the never-ending hunt for tangible business value, access to partners with proven experience in technology simplification, automation and engineering becomes crucial. 

Trusted Capital Markets solutions


Luxoft has 20+ years’ domain experience covering disciplines ranging from investment banking to commodities trading. You can rely on our experts to streamline and support your technology journey at every stage of the software development process.

We can help you reduce engineering costs as well as increase the speed, quality and sustainability of your technology delivery, whether that’s through deploying third-party risk management software or engineering bespoke systems, optimizing and managing your business processes, or deriving valuable insights from a sea of data.


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Luxoft Beyond

Go beyond traditional operating models with Luxoft. We transform and modernize businesses, reimagining bespoke ecosystems to enable innovation and agility


Sectors we serve

Asset management

Accelerate your asset management workflow to ensure a consistent increase in ROI.

Corporate treasury

Take advantage of best-in-class treasury solutions to reduce costs and ensure long-term value.

Hedge funds

Building hedge fund solutions to advance performance management, risk analytics and returns at all levels.

Investment banking

Benefit from our front to risk to back office cross-assets investment management solutions to reduce risk and accelerate innovation.

Market infrastructure

Ensure operational efficiency and financial stability of your operations with state-of-the-art software designed for the Capital Markets domain.

Energy and commodity trading

Business expertise and technology solutions that enhance all aspects of energy and environmental trading and risk management.


How we help our clients


Optimizing for returns

Business-optimizing technology enables better business decisions and increased profits.


Transforming middle and back office

Capital Markets solutions by Luxoft lower costs through improved deployment of capital and reduced process spend.


Addressing legacy

We address technology estates to improve time-to-market, reduce costs and improve productivity.


Actionable data and insights

Derive business insights from data and democratize data-science capabilities.


Engineering at pace and scale

Access global engineering talent and scaled Agile methodologies to improve productivity and deliver business change.

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Our solutions


Partnership ecosystem


What we do

Benefit from our expertise in data analytics to address any business challenge with meaningful insights

Create digital products that add business value and enhance customer experiences

Leverage the best software engineering capabilities to build bespoke and secure solutions

Speed up your production cycle and make it more cost-efficient with advanced testing capabilities

Be the game changer and establish a thriving business fully adapted to the software-defined environment.

Enhance operational efficiency and ensure measurable business outcomes with advanced automation services

Combine technology and domain expertise to deliver industry innovation at scale


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Our team

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Matthew Hargreaves

Industry Lead, Capital Markets Solutions

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Matthew Hargreaves

Industry Lead, Capital Markets Solutions

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Ihyeeddine Elfeki

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Ihyeeddine Elfeki

Trading and Risk Management Solutions Lead

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Cécile Monico

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Cécile Monico

Client Lifecycle Management Solutions Lead