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Gain a competitive edge in the software-shaped world with Luxoft’s capital markets consulting, integration, modernization, and bespoke engineering services.

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Capital markets solutions we provide


Trading platforms as-a-service

Trading platforms as-a-Service

Go beyond traditional operating models with Luxoft’s as-a-Service solutions and bespoke digital ecosystems.

Client lifecycle management solutions

Client lifecycle management solutions

Enhance customer experiences with a capital market solution that leverages KYC, AML, and client data to seamlessly onboard, accompany, and retain customers.

Regulatory technology solutions

Regulatory technology solutions

Automate reconciliation, introduce real-time liquidity management and streamline data management and regulatory reporting with solutions from Luxoft’s vast network of partners.

Treasury solutions

Treasury solutions

Reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and power innovation with Finastra, a comprehensive and highly customizable treasury and risk solution.

Capital markets software development

Capital markets software development

Achieve your strategic goals with Luxoft’s capital markets consulting and bespoke engineering services, powered by our unmatched capacity for complex problem-solving and innovation.

Our capital markets technology partners

Thanks to years-long partnerships with the world’s leading vendors, Luxoft is an expert in integrating, managing, maintaining and adapting top capital market software for our clients.

Transform your capital markets business with Luxoft


Powering digital transformation in capital markets for 20+ years


Luxoft has 20+ years of domain experience covering disciplines ranging from investment banking to commodities trading. You can rely on our experts to streamline and support your technology journey at every stage of the capital markets software development process.

We can help you reduce capital markets software development costs as well as increase the speed, quality and sustainability of your technology delivery, whether that’s through deploying third-party risk management software or engineering bespoke systems, optimizing and managing your business processes, or deriving valuable insights from a sea of data.

Sectors we serve

Asset management

Corporate treasury

Hedge funds

Investment banking

Market infrastructure

Energy trading

How we help capital markets organizations


Optimizing for returns

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and grow revenue without hassle as we cover your capital market technology deployment, configuration and management needs.


Addressing legacy

Improve maintainability, reliability and IT spending as we reduce the complexity of your legacy systems while speeding up time to market.


Delivering actionable insights

Make your decision-making truly data-driven with powerful data analytics features that process mountains of data in real time.


Providing top engineering talent

Promptly gain access to the top capital markets software development talent with Luxoft’s 7,000+ professionals ready for long-term and short-term jobs.

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with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Our capital markets services

Extract actionable insights and predictions from the sea of data your capital markets company handles with advanced data analytics.

Deliver unrivaled omnichannel digital customer experiences with applications that add tangible value to the customer journeys at every step.

Decrease the time to market for new products and features while optimizing development costs with state-of-the-art QA automation features.

Improve your competitiveness in a software-defined world while reducing IT spending, decreasing system complexity, and boosting software performance.

Boost your staff’s productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate the risk of human error with intelligent automation features.

Enable cloud computing, gain instant scalability, optimize infrastructure costs, and launch AI and Big Data apps with cloud solutions tailored to your goals.

Our team

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Matthew Hargreaves

Industry Lead, Capital Markets Solutions

Matthew Hargreaves, Industry Lead, Capital Markets Solutions

Matthew Hargreaves

Industry Lead, Capital Markets Solutions



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Frequently asked questions

In a word, its role is critical. From real-time customer behavior analysis to automated compliance reporting, capital markets technologies come in many shapes and forms. Depending on the organization’s capital markets strategy, technology can:

Improve operational efficiency. Workflow automation, actionable data insights and accurate predictions can all reduce costs and boost employee productivity
Streamline compliance. From data security and privacy to compliant reporting, technology is integral to following regulations in many jurisdictions
Give a competitive edge. Incumbent organizations face pressure from fintech rivals because they can innovate faster. Adopting best-in-class technology allows organizations to quickly adapt to emerging customer trends and gain or retain their market share
Enhance customer experience. Digital touchpoints with well-thought-out user experience make customer journeys frictionless and enjoyable. This, in turn, positively impacts conversion, customer retention and lifetime value rates

By introducing cloud technology to their operations, capital markets organizations can:

Gain new revenue streams. Cloud computing enables cutting-edge products powered by AI, Big Data and other technologies. It also allows for faster time to market for new products
Improve customer and employee experience. Cloud applications are fast, scalable and responsive. They also show consistently high performance with little to no downtime
Optimize IT spending. Cloud vendors are in charge of infrastructure maintenance, allowing organizations to easily predict costs with transparent pricing
Enhance scalability and performance. Cloud resources can be scaled automatically and on-demand, allowing systems to consistently show high and stable performance
Boost business agility. Transitioning to the cloud reduces the time to market for new products and features while facilitating third-party integrations
Access advanced analytics. Cloud computing is a prerequisite for handling large data pools using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data

Capital markets organizations enhance operational efficiency by optimizing spending, improving employee productivity, and streamlining workflows. Here are three ways technology can deliver these results:

Standardizing data. By creating and maintaining a centralized database that serves as the single source of truth, organizations avoid human error, data conflicts, or lack of data altogether. Both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions can standardize data collection, processing, diffusion, and analytics
Upgrading straight-through processing (STP). Improving payments and confirmations by automating certain aspects of the process reduces the workload for Ops users. It also prevents human error, increases payment accuracy, and enhances customer experience
Streamlining reconciliation. Powered by automation and data analytics tools, capital markets solutions can boost matching rates for reconciliation from the front- and back-office (FOBO) to Nostro and bridge reconciliations

In the traditional on-premises model, organizations have to bear the costs and risks associated with developing, integrating, maintaining, and upgrading their systems. In contrast, the XaaS model means the vendor manages and updates the hardware and software and invests in their upkeep. The XaaS clients use the solution in exchange for a subscription fee.

This key difference allows organizations that adopt an XaaS solution to reap the following benefits:

● Enhanced focus on core activities as the vendor manages and maintains the solution
● Faster time to market with a DevOps approach enabled by the XaaS solution
● Reduced, more predictable operational costs thanks to transparent pricing
● Improved scalability without substantial upfront costs

However, implementing a XaaS solution comes with significant challenges, from regulatory compliance and data security to selecting the right vendor. To overcome them and maximize the ROI, it’s best to turn to a capital markets consulting firm.