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Entrust your Temenos banking system to a certified full-stack Temenos partner with 240+ Temenos experts at your service for any integration, upgrade, hosting, and health check needs. 



Our Temenos services

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Temenos Upgrade

Let Luxoft's certified experts keep your Temenos software up-to-date, helping accelerate time to market and removing operational weaknesses

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Temenos Health Check

Our Temenos consulting services provide a comprehensive evaluation of your system's performance, to pinpoint operational issues and constraints, and outline the solutions


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How Luxoft can help you improve efficiency, resilience​,​ and customer experience with a Temenos upgrade


Luxoft, one of the largest Temenos practices worldwide


As a certified Temenos banking software company, Luxoft provides a full range of turn-key services for new and existing Temenos users. You can count on our 240+ Temenos experts to set up and configure, upgrade, and maintain your Temenos software, as well as assess its health.  

Thanks to our team members’ extensive expertise in both Temenos and the banking industry, you can get the most out of your investment in a Temenos system without disrupting your operations. 

Luxoft’s Temenos certifications



Why choose Luxoft for Temenos integration?

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Certified Temenos services

We have one of the largest global Temenos practices for Transact system implementation, upgrades and maintenance. Luxoft is a Temenos Certified Global Partner for Managed Upgrades, and this certification is a testament to the extent of our expertise and experience, as well as our impeccable adherence to Temenos methodology. 

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Best-in-class toolkits and accelerators

We use a best-of-breed approach to our toolkit, ensuring every tool and accelerator maximizes our productivity and streamlines quality assurance during a project. This approach lets us deliver results promptly and efficiently without roadblocks or quality issues. 

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Operating model expertise

We help our clients evolve their operating model using Temenos software to reduce cost-inefficiency, maximize ROI, and optimize operations for profit. We do so by implementing Temenos-powered ITO/BPO/BPaaS solutions. 

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Temenos academy

We cultivate expertise in the next generation of Temenos specialists with Temenos Academy. By sharing our expertise, we enable SMEs to navigate Temenos capabilities and maintain their organizations’ systems. Our efforts also contribute to scaling the nearshore talent pool. 


Luxoft’s Temenos services at a glance


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News and insights

Under pressure? A Temenos core banking system health check helps you do more with less


Under pressure? A Temenos core banking system health check helps you do more with less

Minimize downtime risks with a Temenos core banking system health check


Minimize downtime risks with a Temenos core banking system health check


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Temenos health check assesses your system, pinpoints issues if there are any, and designs the solutions that serve as a bridge to your desired state. 

Conducting a Temenos health check allows you to: 

  • Evaluate system performance in its current state and the long run, according to projected growth 
  • Adapt to a changed operational environment (e.g., an increased transaction volume) without a loss in performance or efficiency 
  • Determine the root causes of common functional issues, such as slow processing times or subpar data quality 
  • Pinpoint ad hoc enhancements that undermine system performance and outline how to remove them without disruptions to your operations 
  • Maximize your return on investment into Temenos and optimize system performance for profit 
  • Mitigate the risk of poor customer experience, regulatory compliance failings, and reputational losses 

Formerly known as the T24 banking system, Temenos Transact is a leading core banking system powering operations for 1,000+ banks in 150+ countries across the globe. Its features include retail, treasury, corporate, payment, and wealth management components. 

Temenos Transact is: 

  • Modular – it can be deployed as separate components or as a whole 
  • Comprehensive – it supports all types of banking operations, from retail and corporate banking to wealth and treasury 
  • Adapted to every jurisdiction – it provides a standardized set of country-specific functionality 
  • Cloud-based – it can be accessed in the Temenos Banking Cloud and allows for deploying core banking SaaS 

Temenos Transact allows banks to: 

  • Reduce the time to market for new products by as much as 10x 
  • Navigate challenging market conditions and ever-changing regulations 
  • Expand customer segments and deliver a more personalized omnichannel customer experience 
  • Make sense of mountains of data with advanced financial data analytics 

Thanks to our partnership with and expertise in Temenos, Luxoft clients can: 

  • Set out on a digital transformation journey with minimized risks, such as substantial disruptions, subpar system performance, or poor user experience 
  • Speed up the time to market for their system and subsequent releases 
  • Optimize the total cost of ownership of and maximize the return on investment into Temenos 
  • Switch to a fully hosted and managed solution with an optimized and transparent cost structure without a hitch 
  • Adopt a cutting-edge core banking system with a proven track record andwith minimum disruptions to banking operations 
  • Liberate resources for innovation and growth while Luxoft experts take care of maintenance and upgrades