Get to know customers and increase your data-driven business decision-making with Boomerang

A Customer Engagement Solution designed for Customer Engagement in financial institutions. This dynamic Customer Service tool efficiently oversees the entire customer life cycle to foster strong customer relationships.


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Navigating the Customer Engagement Maze


Banks need to explore innovative approaches to expand their market share by attracting and retaining profitable customers, maximizing customer value and share of wallet, and mitigating customer churn by fostering enduring and robust customer relationships. To achieve this, it is essential for banks to prioritize deep customer intimacy, moving beyond a 360º view and embracing a comprehensive 1080º view that encompasses a holistic understanding of customers' financial needs, preferences, and behaviors.




Boomerang Customer Engagement – 1080º view of the customer helps clients integrate and establish a real-time view of the customer and provide predictive insights for wide distribution across all touch points. Boomerang creates customer intimacy through a unique customer centric data model. In order to effectively engage with customers, Boomerang collects, structures and creates a complete 1080-degree customer view (3X360):

  • 360-degree customer dialog
  • 360-degree contracts/accounts/services
  • 360-degree transactions

Boomerang empowers customers to self-manage, increase internal efficiency, drive customer centricity, and enable digital transformation.


Build more valuable relationships with Boomerang

See for yourself how Boomerang handles the entire customer lifecycle, increasing loyalty and retention through personalized interactions, targeted marketing campaigns and actionable insights for better business outcomes.


Boomerang in general


Agile - Start small, Go big

Cherry pick among modules and features. Add modules and features as you go.

Adjust capacity to business needs.


High Configurability

Use standard solution or configure for specific needs.

Configure Business Rules and Lookup Data


Application Support

Boomerang offers application support as part of the delivery.

Choose between daytime or 24/7 support.


Integration Support

Designed to easily exchange information and interact with other systems, for example Contact Center solutions



Permissions, encryption and monitoring ensure continuous and secure operation without data leaks and disruptions


Customized Price Tag

Pay Per Feature - pay for the functionality used. The higher the price, the more features you have available to use

Boomerang in detail

Customer Service

The ability to allow Customer Service reps to become “Super agents” empowering the workforce and guiding them to better customer connections. Leverage consolidated customer dialog, contracts, and transactions to enhance quality in delivery

Self Service and automation

Consistent service/information regardless of contact point, through consolidated customer centric data model and unified integration structure. Gives the ability to effectively promote self service, automation, AI, chatbot and real-time feedback to provide unique, customized results for each customer

Adoptive case management

Leverage the Workflow, Process templates, Decisioning, Document templates capabilities to perform channel and services unique handling and bulk workout based on policies.

GDPR, Privacy Act, Segmentation

Extensive support to manage GDPR and PA. Provides a structure to consolidate the regulatory management of personalized data from multiple system of records by providing them with Service ID’s

Segmentation and Continuous Movement to Change

Through a consolidated customer centric data model, extensive accumulation and index can be created to build up Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) scoring. The open SaaS Architecture, Container and Micro-service simplify continuous change

Boomerang in numbers

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