Intelligent automation will revolutionize the way you think about business

Identify. Automate. Accelerate.

In partnership with Appian, Luxoft identifies suitable operational areas for automation, streamlining business processes and empowering the whole organization to perform at the very highest level.

Luxoft plus Appian = High-impact automation 


Organizations need to standardize and simplify operations to remain competitive and compliant, but consumers want things “now!”

To retain digital customers, improve user experience and increase sales, companies must accelerate the way they work while engaging employees.

Appian enables the end-to-end automation of any process without resorting to custom code. Thanks to low-code development, companies can build robust business applications 20x faster, with fewer resources and a lower TCO than traditional methods.

Together we


Luxoft matches clients to business process management (BPM) / robotic process automation (RPA) tools


Appian combines BPM, RPA, AI, process mining, and integration


Luxoft leverages right-shoring for ROI and agility

Luxoft’s automation practice

A focus on Agile development methodology

We enable continuous innovation & delivery standards

300+ business process management experts

Customers trust workflows & standards built to thrive

Center of Excellence (CoE) & accelerators

We support rapid builds through reuse/accelerators

750+ automation consultants and experts

Customers enjoy an improved operational efficiency

Senior Digital Talent with critical industry expertise

Experts cover financial services, healthcare, CPG, public sector, automotive and utilities

Onshore/nearshore delivery capabilities for flexibility

We cover in-demand regions—the UK, the Americas, Middle East, India and APAC

Our Appian services

Kickstart services
  • Process mining and business case creation
  • Production-ready pilot within 90 days
  • Scale quickly using our application development and support services
End-to-end automation
  • Application development
  • End-to-end testing
  • Application support
  • DevOps implementation
Tech advisory
  • Architecture and performance review
  • Appian CoE implementation for reuse and acceleration
  • Implementation of best practices and guidance

Quantifiable benefits

Appian solutions have enabled Luxoft clients to:

Eliminate email-based tasks

Ensure high-quality reports

Fast application approval 

Automate activity storage 

Manage both safety and risk

Improve the change process 

Improve chain of custody  

Create accurate reports 

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