Client lifecycle management

Turn your client lifecycle management into a competitive edge with experts in CLM transformation for banking and financial services. Supercharge your efficiency and flexibility while maintaining regulatory compliance with our vendor-agnostic, end-to-end services.


Our client lifecycle management services

Client lifecycle management journeys

Bring your customers to the forefront of client lifecycle management. Boost customer satisfaction and retention with seamless omnichannel journeys that also meet regulatory and operational requirements.

CLM-related policies

Maintain a fine balance between meeting your customers’ expectations and keeping your internal regulatory framework robust. Ensure your CLM compliance measures remain efficient without adding friction for prospective and existing customers.

Operating model

Maximize your organization’s operational efficiency to make the most out of your technology and quickly adapt your product to customer expectations. Ensure you allocate your resources in the most efficient way possible front-to-back, across the board.

Internal processes

Harmonize your client lifecycle management banking processes and policies across all jurisdictions, markets and brands. Optimize processes for digital transformation and measure performance before, during and after it.

System connectivity

Transform disparate applications into a fully integrated digital ecosystem powering omnichannel customer experiences and streamlining operations. Let experts design and implement the right system for your needs, leveraging vendor or ad hoc development in the process.

Data architecture

Turn customer data into your most valuable asset with a consolidated data architecture. Power your internal processes and systems with account and customer data and actionable insights derived from it, reducing the need for reconciliations as a result.

Data migration

Migrate valuable and sensitive data promptly and securely with Luxoft’s end-to-end support. Ensure data flows between legacy and target, internal and external systems from data cleanup and mapping to automated data transfer.

Cloud transition and as-a-Service set-up

Make your journey to the cloud as smooth and efficient as possible with Luxoft’s advisory, cloud readiness assessment and cloud migration services. Minimize your total cost of ownership, maximize your return on investment and ensure delivery at scale.

Luxoft is your end-to-end CLM transformation partner


At Luxoft, we have the expertise and experience it takes to design or perfect customer lifecycle management in financial services. As a time-tested, certified Fenergo, Napier and Mulesoft partner, we can implement, migrate or refine your chosen CLM solution – or build a custom one for your bank or financial organization.

We’re here for you throughout the full software development life cycle, from design to deployment. Our expertise is also at your disposal on a consulting basis, whether you need a CLM health check or advice on solution design.


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Turn your CLM into a competitive advantage with Luxoft


Why choose Luxoft for client lifecycle management solutions?


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Benefits of CLM transformation

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Ensure compliance and bank protection

Consolidated customer data and documentation allow for streamlining regulatory compliance and risk management. It can power rule-based customer classification, help identify regulatory requirements to comply with and report on, automate screening and alerts and ensure multi-jurisdictional policy consistency.

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Accelerate revenue generation

A 360-degree view of every customer maximizes the efficiency of every cross-selling and upselling effort and allows for microtargeting marketing campaigns. Machine learning algorithms can help identify new business opportunities by analyzing swaths of customer data.

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Improve process efficiency and productivity

CLM transformation can aim to streamline processes across multiple jurisdictions, minimize the need for manual document review and power enterprise-scale process automation. It can also facilitate data exchange between entities and automate false-positive alerts.

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Build a customer-value proposition

Refining customer journeys can mean reducing information requests, automating progress visibility and providing a variety of digital touchpoints (e.g., self-service portals). Data analysis also helps identify the products and services that deliver maximum value for every customer.


News and insights

How do CLM technologies help attract new investors and avoid churn?


How do CLM technologies help attract new investors and avoid churn?

Perpetual KYC — keep on top of client monitoring


Perpetual KYC — keep on top of client monitoring

How to achieve seamless, painless, end-to-end digitalization


How to achieve seamless, painless, end-to-end digitalization


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Leverage CLM transformation to drive revenue growth



Here are the four ways streamlined, customer-centric client lifecycle management can help organizations improve customer retention rates and net promoter scores: 

  • Streamlined workflows accelerate response and decision timeframes, improving customer satisfaction with faster query resolution
  • A unified 360-degree customer view allows organizations to convey an individual approach to every customer with the help of personalization at scale and other tools
  • It also reduces the need for customer input: The application can pre-fill the query form with known data, and the customer will have to add only new data to the form
  • A unified 360-degree customer view allows organizations to convey an individual approach to every customer with the help of personalization at scale and other tools
  • A high level of automation allows customer service employees to focus on going the extra mile for every customer, enhancing their experience at the corresponding touchpoints

At Luxoft, we identified the following eight key areas that lay the foundation for a successful CLM transformation:

  • Client lifecycle management journeys. Balancing customer-centric omnichannel processes with regulatory compliance and operational requirements
  • Client lifecycle management-related policies. Maintaining effective internal policies while ensuring security and efficiency
  • Operating model. Allocating resources in the most efficient way possible to meet both customer expectations and operational requirements
  • Internal processes. Unifying policies and processes across multiple entities and jurisdictions
  • System connectivity. Introducing a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of applications with the help of vendor and/or ad hoc development if appropriate
  • Data architecture. Consolidating customer data and enabling its analysis for insights and automation
  • Data migration. Ensuring secure and prompt data sharing between source and target systems
  • Cloud transition and as-a-Service setup. Leveraging cloud adoption to reduce costs and reap the technology’s benefits

Luxoft offers the full range of services that organizations may need to refine client lifecycle management in financial services:

  • CLM health check to identify key areas of improvement and how to achieve the desired state
  • Vendor analysis to help the organization select the most suitable vendor solution and assess build vs. buy options
  • Overall solution readiness to assess whether the organization is prepared for implementation and help it achieve solution readiness
  • Program design and governance to align the system with business needs and enable comprehensive, compliant internal governance
  • Jurisdictional harmonization to ensure CLM policies and processes are consistent across geographies and entities
  • Change management data and migration to consolidate and organize customer data, ensure its quality and set up secure and prompt data flows
  • Testing-as-a-Service to ensure CLM systems run as intended and deliver maximum value
  • Business training and adoption to seamlessly introduce the new CLM system or processes and accelerate adoption