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Luxoft leverages KYC, AML and client data to seamlessly onboard clients faster while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Vendor agnostic, we support and execute your CLM transformation from design to implementation and rollout. 

Luxoft is a Fenergo Platinum Partner.

Why Luxoft



200+ CLM experts

We have product-certified staff members (Fenergo, Napier, Mulesoft) ensuring technical and functional support to our clients.


Full SDLC coverage

Our team provides design, adoption, configuration, testing, DevOps and deployment services.


Consultancy on demand

Our experts can assist with CLM health checks, solution design, testing, data migration and integration, and more.


Support for the CLM ecosystem

We work all the relevant products that provide needed CLM functionality and complement the velocity and agility of your setup.


Platform agnostic, transition to cloud and PaaS


Ensure a streamlined client experience

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Benefits of a CLM transformation

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Ensure compliance and bank protection

  • Provides accurate data and documents from trusted sources 
  • Automatically identifies regulations and classifications for the client
  • Automates screening and alerts throughout onboarding and client activities 
  • Ensures consistency in policies across entities and geographies
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Improve process efficiency and productivity

  • Streamlines processes across multiple jurisdictions
  • Reduces document analysis by using trusted sources 
  • Leans and automates processes 
  • Monitors execution 
  • Reduces the operational burden by automating false-positive alerts 
  • Facilitates data- and document-sharing policies between entities 
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Accelerate revenue generation

  • Enables cross- and up-selling with a full client view of client data
  • Identifies business opportunities by using machine learning 
  • Simplifies client passporting between jurisdictions to speed up new business
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Build a customer-value proposition

  • Provides a better client journey by reducing client reach out
  • Reduces information requested from clients by using available data from public or internal sources
  • Provides digital capability to clients (self service/client portal)
  • Provides visibility on progress to the client
  • Identifies products and services that bring value to the customer


Our CLM solutions



Our services


Our CLM offering



CLM transformation

Enhance your business performance with modernized CLM solutions.


Accelerate data migration

Increase the speed and accuracy of your data migration process.


Vendor selection

Our experts will assist in the selection and implementation of vendors.


Support self-sufficiency path

Become self-sufficient using up-to-date CLM solutions and practices.


Promote and optimize client data

Discover a more efficient approach to processing client data.


Post-implementation support

Get professional and reliable CLM support following implementation.


Our Fenergo capabilities


Preferred end-to-end implementation partner while remaining independent of Fenergo
Advisory and management
Managed services
Transition to FenX


Luxoft, a Platinum Fenergo partner





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News and insights

The future of KYC and AML: The challenges and opportunities of perpetual KYC


The future of KYC and AML: The challenges and opportunities of perpetual KYC

Perpetual KYC — keep on top of client monitoring


Perpetual KYC — keep on top of client monitoring