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Leverage the expertise of the market leader in Murex implementation and integration. Find out how our unrivalled experience and unique, bespoke approach can guide you through your Murex software journey. 


Luxoft — a top-tier Murex Alliance Partner


Luxoft has earned an exceptional reputation for high-quality delivery of Murex integration and implementation. We've been a top-tier Murex Alliance Partner since 2008, and our 1,000+ Murex specialists have delivered over 300 Murex projects to date. That’s expertise you can rely on. Our focus now is on helping clients reduce the total cost of Murex software ownership, streamlining their cloud journey and accelerating time-to-market. 


We are a top-tier Murex Alliance Partner



Murex banking software integrator for 20 years and an Alliance Partner for 13 years


Murex team members

Onboarding our 1000th Murex team member makes Luxoft the largest global practice among Murex partners



Our Murex practice operates in more than 70 countries worldwide


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The Luxoft-Murex Partnership advantage


Luxoft played a key role in establishing the Murex Alliance program — a partnership that leverages key expertise from both organizations. Now, our Murex consulting team is able to advise clients on transformation programs, define target operating models (TOM) and deploy improved delivery processes by leveraging our DevOps and distributed Agile expertise. Our Murex development team can also implement cloud accelerators, which include a tailored automation toolkit to streamline Murex cloud migration processes, incorporating DevOps methodology for continuous integration and delivery. 


Murex best practice capabilities


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Let’s discuss how our Murex expertise can propel your growth


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Murex in the cloud brochure

As Murex in the cloud is a real step up in class, we make it our business to help you plan and execute your cloud journey, leveraging our global leadership in Murex System Integration and cloud services


Luxoft integrates the Murex banking system, delivering innovative solutions like Murex in the cloud and Trading Systems as-a-Service, because cloud adoption is key to a digital innovation strategy which enables business agility and transformation. 

Luxoft cloud transition roadmap


Unleash the awesome power of Murex in the cloud

Wherever you are on the path to cloud, we’ll help you evolve at your own pace. We design and build automated trading systems around your requirements, ensuring the highest degree of relevance, usability and effectiveness.

Trading Systems as-a-Service (TSaaS)

As-a-Service allows companies to turn worries about infrastructure over to experts. 

Operated on Agile principles
Fully managed, cloud-hosted solution
You are the business product owner
Clear and transparent change process
On-demand delivery (scaled)

Scale rapidly and respond to market forces, as well as keeping up to date with the current version. Choose Luxoft to guide your TSaaS adoption and simplify the way third-party applications are managed, while delivering cost savings of up to 50%.


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Talk to our experts

Shane Borg-Jones , EMEA Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft

Shane Borg-Jones

EMEA Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft

Stefaan Dhollander, Australia & New Zealand Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft

Stefaan Dhollander

Australia & New Zealand Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft

Sergey Bitelman, Americas Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft

Sergey Bitelman

Americas Director, Trading and Risk Solutions, Luxoft


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Ready to leverage our Murex expertise?



We have 20 years of experience as a Murex integrator, and we’ve been a top-tier Murex Alliance Partner since 2008. Over the years, we have successfully completed 300+ Murex projects of all levels of complexity for a variety of capital markets clients. 

As the largest global Murex practice, we currently have over 1,000 Murex experts ready to meet our clients’ integration, implementation, maintenance and optimization needs. Our Murex teams are ready to serve clients in over 70 countries. 

As a comprehensive trading platform, Murex allows banks and other financial institutions to optimize a variety of operations for profit. These operations include trading, hedging, risk management, funding and processing. 

Implementing Murex enables banks to achieve a variety of strategic goals, such as: 

  • Enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness through digital transformation 
  • Innovating in faster cycles thanks to a reduced time to market, allowing banks to seize market opportunities as they arise 
  • Improving customer experiences, including highly personalized customer journeys 
  • Boosting resilience in the face of turbulent market conditions and evolving regulations 
  • Streamlining regulatory compliance while seizing the opportunities regulations may present 
  • Having full control over the total cost of application ownership 
  • Reaping the benefits of digital transformation by breaking data silos, integrating offices and migrating to the cloud 

The Murex trading solution allows its users to reap the following five benefits: 

  • Extensive asset coverage. Murex includes over 300 ready-to-use payoffs that can be used, structured or combined as needed. It also supports APIs for building custom payoffs 
  • Flexible IT strategy. Murex allows its users to choose from a variety of strategies for integration and implementation: IaaS, PaaS, BPaaS and SaaS. It also supports full or hybrid cloud deployments, as well as the industrial DevOps methodology 
  • Modularity. It’s possible to deploy Murex in full as a suite or use its modules to build a solution that matches unique business needs 
  • Streamlined compliance. Murex delivers regulatory compliance out of the box, in addition to compliance with market standards. It includes compliance with collateral, clearing, trade reporting and liquidity risk requirements 
  • Adaptability to local specifics. As Murex serves clients in over 60 countries across six continents, the platform can be adapted to handle local specifics in particular jurisdictions 


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