Hogan Services for Banking

Mitigate risks, ensure compliance, improve efficiency and enhance customer experiences with the Hogan banking system, a robust application suite processing $5 trillion in deposits annually.



Luxoft: Hogan experts at your service


By partnering with the developer of Hogan, you tap our unrivaled expertise in all things Hogan. This makes us experts in tailoring the Hogan software suite to your operational needs, seamlessly integrating it into workflows, and modernizing and maintaining the system.

Our robust qualifications, industry experience, and advanced problem-solving skills are at your service.


Hogan services

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Hogan Health Check

A core banking system Health Check with guidance on ways to accelerate performance while streamlining upgrades, overcoming bottlenecks and resolving other operational issues.

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Hogan Hybrid Cloud

A safe and scalable arrangement of one or more public clouds along with a private cloud running modern applications with seamless integrations to the core platform.

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Testing as-a-Service

Luxoft’s comprehensive Hogan testing and quality management solutions help clients transition seamlessly from traditional to digital enterprises, enhancing QA, time-to-market and user experiences.

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Experience Transformation with Hogan Managed Services

From fostering agility and governance to nurturing successful client partnerships, our approach is enabling banks to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the digital era

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Hogan Academy

A self-learning platform offering a flexible curriculum, covering the full range of Hogan services to train your teams remotely.

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Hogan io

Hogan’s world class core banking platform delivers intelligent operations for modern banking


Why Hogan?

Hogan is widely acknowledged as one of the most robust and scalable core banking solutions in the industry. This proven performance makes it the fail-safe choice for banks looking to support a range of growth opportunities without disrupting operations.

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Convenient account access

The Hogan Core Banking system provides real-time access to all of a bank’s customer relationships. This allows the bank to offer its customers convenient access to all of their accounts. Banks benefit from relationship packaging and pricing to support their cross-selling and retention strategies.

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Years of experience

We utilize hundreds of years of collective experience to provide end-to-end Hogan managed services. We help existing Hogan clients meet regional compliance and regulatory requirements, make enhancements, complete training and perform staff augmentation.

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Business and technical acumen

As creator and custodian of Hogan, Luxoft has the required business and technical acumen to modernize Hogan implementations, provide Hogan consulting services to resolve complex bank-centric problems and augment your existing workforce to meet daily operational needs.

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Modernization programs

We also offer a progressive modernization program for Hogan application suite to provide and execute customized assessment and transformation roadmaps to help break apart the monolithic core.


Why choose Luxoft as your Hogan partner

Unrivaled expertise

As the creator and curator of Hogan, we possess unrivaled expertise in its integration, modernization, and maintenance.


Hogan has client-modifiable features implemented for speed and resilience


We incorporate technologies that deliver results, improve operational efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership and provide continuous availability

Better tools

Luxoft offers additional software tools that enable you to maximize the performance of your Hogan applications in place and help modernize them

Hogan services in numbers


Currently processing $5 trillion in global deposits

45+ years

Hogan products are a powerhouse in banking


Global banks and card processors using Hogan


Our latest news and insights


Six down-to-earth benefits of Hogan mainframe hybrid cloud enablement
Six down-to-earth benefits of Hogan mainframe hybrid cloud enablement


Six down-to-earth benefits of Hogan mainframe hybrid cloud enablement


Drafting a mainframe hybrid cloud for banking roadmap? Start with “Why?”
Drafting a mainframe hybrid cloud for banking roadmap? Start with “Why?”


Drafting a mainframe hybrid cloud for banking roadmap? Start with “Why?”


3 signs you need a Hogan Health Check
3 signs you need a Hogan Health Check


3 signs you need a Hogan Health Check



Hogan is a core banking system developed and owned by DXC Technology. The Hogan application suite is highly flexible and customizable, allowing organizations to get the software that meets their needs to the letter and maximize the ROI. These two features also make Hogan suitable for various organizations, from small lenders to global banks.

Hogan Core Banking system caters to several financial institutions’ needs, from retail and commercial banking to lending and customer management. Its features include:

  • Account management
  • Interest calculations
  • Transaction processing
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Risk management
  • Integrations with various banking channels (ATM networks, online banking, etc.)

The Hogan Core Banking system helps financial institutions attain their operational and strategic goals by:

  • Improving operational efficiency and resilience
  • Maintaining competitiveness in a software-defined world
  • Enhancing customer experience with seamless digital banking experiences

Services like Hogan consulting or mainframe hybrid cloud enablement help financial organizations remain competitive, retain their market position and accelerate growth.

To help our clients achieve their goals, we at Luxoft do the following within the framework of Hogan services for them:

  • Create a digital transformation roadmap that meets the organization’s needs and goals
  • Enable the transition to DevOps methodology in-house
  • Provide managed services for health check, maintenance and support whenever needed
  • Streamline and automate workflows, unify systems and integrate advanced tools to boost staff productivity, retention and talent attraction
  • Modernize the development process to reduce time to market while enhancing output quality, therefore increasing competitiveness and resilience
  • Prepare organizations for the cloud and implement the migration to achieve better scalability, optimized IT spending and higher application performance
  • Streamline regulatory compliance with enhanced data aggregation and analytics and automated reporting

Hogan mainframe hybrid cloud enablement allows financial institutions to:

  • Capitalize on previous investments into existing on-premises infrastructure and custom software
  • Promptly respond to constantly evolving customer needs
  • Switch from CapEx to OpEx and get rid of inactive capital equipment
  • Maintain compliance and data security by keeping sensitive data on-premise or in a private cloud
  • Scale faster while maintaining cost-efficiency with pay-as-you-go public cloud vendors
  • Enable AI and Big Data applications that require cloud computing
  • Increase computation speed without revamping the current network
  • Improve operational resilience and data security
  • Reduce operational costs in the long run
  • Test new applications and features while maintaining a high level of privacy and data security
  • Improve customer experience by enhancing applications’ performance, reducing time to market for new features and streamlining innovation

Hogan banking architecture supports z/OS, Linux, Windows, and Linux for System Z, as well as any combination of these platforms.

This wide range of options gives you the freedom to choose the right environment for your software needs. When deciding on it, we advise assessing each option’s cost-efficiency, availability, performance, scalability, data security and privacy.

If you don’t have the expertise for it in-house, we would be honored to lend a hand and pinpoint the right environment for your needs.

If your current platform isn’t on the list, contact us to discuss whether replatforming to a different system would be feasible and, if so, how we could help you execute it with minimum disruptions.