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From critical system transition to business transformation, application servicing, optimized support and more, we transform and reimagine businesses beyond expectations.


Going Beyond expectations


At Luxoft, we look at migration of platforms to the cloud as a strategic opportunity to reimagine financial services businesses. Customers expect substantial operational efficiency from migrating their applications to the cloud. Successful migration includes critical system transition, business transformation, application servicing, optimized support and enhanced security operations. Only Luxoft has the vision and experience to go beyond these expectations. Our financial services experts bring confidence and an unrivaled track record, making the journey to a banking or trading platform as a service and outcomes a predictable reality. 

Luxoft Beyond – our industry strengths


years serving the banking and capital markets industry 


years running XaaS and utility offerings to the market 


TCO reduction achieved for clients


industry-proven, vendor-platform subject matter experts 


banking and capital markets clients in over 70 countries 

Leading relationships

with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud


Luxoft Beyond for Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance

Our innovative and optimized solutions for trading, risk and treasury as-a-service 


Client stories

Digital transformation – key driver

Digital transformation, cloud adoption and modernization continue to be key drivers for our clients. Key technology innovation programs have been made mandatory in support of the push to compete and even survive.

Luxoft solutions meet your needs

Luxoft’s banking and trading platform as a service solutions are designed to increase business agility, improve technology resilience and simplify organizational processes. We address a wide range of financial services firms' needs for centralized and hosted integrated banking, end-to-end trading and AI-powered monitoring. 

Extensive partner ecosystem

The Luxoft Beyond technology and industry partner ecosystem is constantly evolving with all the latest upgrades and innovations. Solutions focus on lowering costs, improving stability, and increasing resilience and adaptability. Consumed as-a-Service, Luxoft solutions enable your organization to concentrate on differentiating business priorities and activities in the ever-changing markets in which you operate.

Stay one step ahead

With the advantage of Luxoft Beyond, your technology teams are free to drive strategic initiatives, no longer bound by the non-differentiating and complex enablement operations of large technology systems.

Go Beyond your expectations with Luxoft

Luxoft Beyond – transform your financial services business

More qualified in key areas

Deeper integration expertise

Superior delivery and functionality

Greater accountability

Easier planning and reduced TCO

Sharper focus, security and reliability


News and insights

Luxoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) leadership series: Luxoft Beyond | Business benefits of as-a-Service models for financial services


Luxoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) leadership series: Luxoft Beyond | Business benefits of as-a-Service models for financial services

Bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance


Bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance

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Introducing GMEX MultiHub, a multi-asset network of networks


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Traditionally, financial services organizations decide to manage their applications on their own from A to Z. But they don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

Luxoft can take on the following aspects of keeping systems running while our clients focus on application strategy and governance: 

  • User support 
  • Application technical support 
  • Application change and upgrades 
  • Tech ops 
  • Infrastructure service 

In essence, Luxoft hosts and manages third-party applications for our clients, taking this extra weight off their shoulders. The software vendor remains responsible for new modules, versions     and functionality, as well as vendor support where appropriate. 

This division of labor approach results in up to 50% in cost savings for our clients. At the same time, they free up the resources they need to differentiate their business and gain or retain a competitive edge. 

Owning trading and risk systems translates into high costs, software management complexity, and slow time-to-market. Switching to as-a-service overcomes these challenges, allowing organizations that adopt it to: 

  • Focus on business activities: While an XaaS vendor takes care of system maintenance and management, organizations can have their teams focus on what matters the most  business strategy. 
  • Accelerate time to market: Organizations no longer have to invest in establishing a DevOps or automation framework. They can be provided as native features. 
  • Tighten up security: XaaS solutions come with high-level security standards implemented natively and at no extra charge. This allows for streamlining compliance and easily adopting security best practices. 
  • Switch to a more transparent cost structure: Instead of a myriad of expenditures, big and small, organizations deal with clear pricing that corresponds to their needs. 
  • Reduce costs: All these benefits allow XaaS adopters to optimize IT spending and the total cost of ownership. 

Here’s how XaaS solutions can help organizations successfully weather the ever-shifting regulatory requirements without substantial costs: 

  • Regulatory reporting: Compliance requires more and more complex calculations and processing of increasing amounts of data. Big data, AI/ML and cloud computing can streamline reporting despite those challenges. 
  • Risk analytics: A fragmented application stack makes it complicated and sometimes next to impossible to assess and predict risks with precision. Adopting a unified XaaS solution resolves this issue. 
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) compliance: It’s unfeasible to achieve compliance only with manual effort. High-level automation coupled with AI and cloud computing can streamline it, allowing for increased operational efficiency. 
  • Fraud detection. Pinpointing suspicious activity requires sifting through gigabytes of data. XaaS solutions can do it faster than any team, thanks to cloud computing’s almost-limitless scalability and AI/ML functionality. 
  • Trade surveillance. With XaaS solutions, compiling data required for an audit is lightning-fast thanks to in-built features and data centralization in a single platform. 

The strategic goals behind XaaS adoption differ from one organization to another. That said, they typically fall into one of these three categories: 

  • Shifting the focus to innovation: Legacy systems have become too cumbersome and are now hindering the organization’s ability to innovate. In this case, decision-makers should focus on the scope and dependencies upstream and downstream. 
  • Receiving a return on an untapped investment: Legacy systems were a costly investment. Organizations want to capitalize on it by opening access to the system for other players. To attain this goal, organizations have to ensure the platform will meet users’ needs and change the operating model accordingly. 
  • Accelerating time to market: Intense market competition requires a more agile approach to rolling out new technologies and user features. XaaS solutions increase flexibility and improve organizations’ ability to stay ahead of the competition.