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Automate processes, boost efficiency and drive innovation with machine learning development services from Luxoft, a company with a unique combination of 3D graphics engineering and machine learning expertise.



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Computer vision and machine learning consulting


Get an expert assessment of your business challenges and a solution proposal designed for your needs. We’ll help you select the right tools, set up development and create product prototypes, as well as advise on sophisticated algorithm development.

Video footage and image analysis


Leverage computer vision for automated object, sign and face recognition in video footage and images. We’ll deliver a computer vision solution that analyzes and recognizes patterns in footage or images from security cameras, dashcams and more.

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Natural language processing


Employ natural language processing to automate sentiment analysis, customer support and fraud detection. We’ll develop and train an NLP system tailored to your needs, be it for a chatbot, speech recognition, customer review analysis or document processing automation.

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Digital twin development


Minimize risks and enhance product development with 3D models of real-world products, systems or processes. Combine digital twins with image processing for automated anomaly detection with Luxoft’s machine learning development services.

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Edge AI


Leverage edge AI on smart devices to ensure data security and privacy, power real-time analytics and improve responsiveness. We’ll help you ensure high infrastructure performance, minimize model training time and reduce decision delay.

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Synthetic 3D graphics dataset creation


Ensure your machine learning solution is trained on high-quality visual data. We’ll create and manage your dataset of images, videos or 3D graphics, as well as analyze and assure its quality and perform synthetic data injections.

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Neural network model optimization


Boost neural network training speed and accuracy with Luxoft’s expertise in model optimization. We’ll analyze your neural network’s architecture and dataset and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to refine both.

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Deploy and maintain your machine learning models more efficiently and reliably with MLOps. We are fluent in MLOps best practices, which allows us to speed up machine learning development and deployment without compromising its quality.

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How computer vision powers a pig activity monitoring system: Interactive case study.

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Streamline operations and drive innovation with Luxoft’s machine learning expertise

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● Support for all H/W platforms and frameworks used by AI/ML ecosystems

● Cutting-edge CI/CD, MLOps and test automation best practices

● Cloud-agnostic deployment for Azure, AWS, GCP and hybrid solutions

● High-quality, up-to-date online documentation and tutorials



News and insights

Anomaly detection using recurrent neural network autoencoders


Anomaly detection using recurrent neural network autoencoders

Machine learning with Microsoft Azure Monitoring machine learning models in production


Machine learning with Microsoft Azure Monitoring machine learning models in production

Mastering MLOps practices for a trading bot


Mastering MLOps practices for a trading bot


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Deploy an optimized, reliable and scalable ML solution tailored to your unique needs



A computer vision application is an ML-powered system that can:

  • Classify images
  • Detect and segment objects in images
  • Assess object position and pose
  • Recognize and identify faces
  • Convert text in images into machine-recognizable data

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and the underlying technology that powers computer vision systems. It has a broader application range than computer vision as it can also power other solutions, such as natural language processing ones.

In essence, machine learning is the basis of image processing and object tracking and analysis. ML algorithms are trained using large datasets of footage or images with labels. The application learns to recognize a pattern in labeling and works out the rules that it later uses to fulfill its purpose.

MLOps — Machine Learning Operations — is a set of practices and principles used in machine learning development and operations. MLOps seeks to improve workflow efficiency across the board and ensure output quality.

Luxoft’s machine learning development processes are designed with MLOps in mind. This allows us to:

  • Accelerate model experimentation and development
  • Facilitate continuous integration and delivery
  • Deploy models into production faster
  • Assure consistent model quality and performance over time with continuous testing
  • Simplify management process
  • Automate certain workflows, such as ML model deployment, in large-scale production

As a result, our clients receive high-performance, accurate and reliable ML solutions faster and at a reduced cost.

Introducing a machine learning/computer vision solution can allow the organization to:

  • Get insights and predictions faster as AI/ML algorithms can process large datasets faster and more accurately than any employee or team
  • Accelerate decision-making with continuous real-time data analysis and accurate predictions, and enhance resilience and flexibility as a result
  • Hyperpersonalize customer experiences with real-time accurate sentiment analysis and behavior prediction, thus improving customer retention and lifetime value
  • Automate manual processes and whole workflows, thus improving productivity and employee satisfaction and allowing employees to focus on value-added activities
  • Reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency by replacing manual labor with an automated solution