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As Planixs’ global implementation partner in delivering Realiti, our systems integrators are the leading Realiti suite specialists, designed to upgrade your organization to Planixs digital liquidity management while maximizing ROI.


Gain intraday control over your treasury management


Maximize your resilience and operational efficiency, counter liquidity risks, detect discrepancies early on and facilitate regulatory compliance with Planixs Realiti®, a modular real-time treasury management solution. Realiti excels at processing millions of transactions per hour to provide you with the instant visibility and data-driven insights you need.

As a trusted Planixs integrator, Luxoft is here to help you seamlessly transition to Realiti and maximize your ROI. With our unrivaled expertise in Realiti implementation and advanced problem-solving skills, you can make the most out of Realiti.


Planixs Realiti® integration use cases

Intraday liquidity management

Unify all liquidity data in one dashboard and gain real-time actionable insights into your balances, transactions, and turnover. Ensure liquidity at all times with forecasts powered by Planixs Realiti’s predictive analytics and early discrepancy detection.

Funding and forecasting

Maximize your funding efficiency and empower data-driven decisions with an accurate view of your cash flows and continuously updated end-of-day projections. Centralize all data in a single view of real-time and projected activity — that’s possible with Luxoft as your Planixs partner.

Regulatory reporting

Facilitate multi-jurisdictional compliance with legal intraday liquidity regulations by centralizing them on a single dashboard. Streamline regulatory reporting with Planixs Realiti® and its flexible custom and pre-built, regularly updated templates.

Intraday reconciliation

Eliminate the risk of discrepancies and errors in your records with automated intraday reconciliation, and pinpoint the key drivers of liquidity usage in real time. Effortlessly link actual settlements with projected ones using real-time auto-matching.


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How Planixs Realiti® helps overhaul treasury operations

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Why choose Luxoft as your Planixs partner

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Established reputation among leading banks worldwide

We have earned ourselves a name as a reliable Planixs integrator for global tier-one organizations thanks to our extensive expertise and unrivaled experience with Planixs Realiti. Seventeen out of the world’s top 20 banks are among our clients.

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Extensive expertise in workflow digitalization

With 45+ years of serving the banking industry, Luxoft is a Planixs integrator that understands perfectly how your organization functions on a workflow-per-workflow basis. This allows us to digitalize workflows to make adoption seamless and maximize efficiency.

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Unrivaled experience with Planixs Realiti®

We’re a long-time Planixs partner, and we’ve helped multiple global tier-one banking organizations make the most out of Realiti. With us, you can switch to Realiti without unnecessary disruptions and with a maximized ROI.

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A truly global Planixs integrator

We operate in over 70 countries, serving financial services clients worldwide. It gives us a deep understanding of jurisdiction-specific challenges and the details of global organizations’ operations.


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Add real-time intraday liquidity insight to your treasury arsenal

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Planixs is the global leader in providing cloud-based treasury software that allows banks to go real-time. Allied Irish Banks, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, and Zenith Bank are among its clients.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, Planixs is the company behind Realiti®. Realiti is a modular intraday control solution suite that powers real-time liquidity, cash and collateral management.

Realiti uses machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver insights and accurate projections from the data accumulated. The benefits of Realiti include:

  • It’s designed to handle millions of transactions per hour effortlessly.
  • Real-time auto-matching approaches 100%.
  • Deployment is rapid and takes only weeks.

Realiti suite includes:

  • Intraday liquidity management
  • Cash flow projections
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Intraday stress modeling
  • Intraday reconciliation
  • Intraday balance forecasting
  • Payment control
  • Inventory monitoring and management
  • Vostro management
  • Strategic reporting

Here are the six best ways to protect your organization against liquidity risks, especially in times of economic turbulence:

  • Making cash flow projections more precise with automation, data aggregation and predictive analytics
  • Improving receivables management by providing incentives and penalties for past-due payments, becoming proactive in collections and automating manual tasks
  • Introducing frequent liquidity analyses that take into account real-time and historical data on uncollected receivables, seasonality, markets’ volatility and monetary policy
  • Bringing all financial data, both internal and external, to one place to keep track of and draw insights from it
  • Automating internal and regulatory reporting with pre-built or custom templates to facilitate compliance and speed up C-level decision-making
  • Implementing predictive analytics for real-time forecast adjustments, multi-scenario simulations, risk analyses and irregularity detection

Optimized liquidity management comes with four key benefits.

  • It improves cash forecasting accuracy. Solid liquidity management enables minimizing buffer costs and estimating liquidity funding with precision.  Top management can commit cash to other expenses without risking insolvency.
  • It helps mitigate trapped cash risks. Accurate forecasting lets you avoid trapped cash scenarios, such as overfunding buffer costs. Thus, financial institutions remain resilient in turbulent market conditions.
  • It mitigates liquidity risks. Precise assessments and projections minimize the risk of insolvency and ensure the organization’s long-term financial health. They also help avoid converting assets into cash at a loss and navigate situations like a run on deposits with minimal losses.

It contributes to the organization’s reputation. Investors, regulators, business partners, creditors and clients – all of them pay attention to the organization’s liquidity management as a financial health indicator.