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Blockchain applications are shaking up business in every industry, streamlining enterprises and delivering added, data-driven value.

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What is Blockchain?

It's a trusted, efficient and immutable way to share data and transact business.

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger of information which maintains an ever-growing list of secure records called “blocks”, which are completely free from interference. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. Which means blockchain technology solutions are inherently resistant to data modification. Once recorded, block data cannot be altered retroactively.

Want to know more? Antony Welfare, group managing director of Luxoft and DXC’s Technology Blockchain Practice, shares insightful and actionable information in his book, Commercializing Blockchain. Download the first chapter.*

* Chapter used with permission from John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Blockchain = Trust and Transparency

“We are at the beginning of the next revolution. Blockchain applications will lead the world into new and exciting opportunities with its key values - trust and transparency - baked into the heart of the technology. Blockchain solutions will allow us to own more of our data, and trust governments and businesses more. We’ll see more transparently than ever before.”

Antony Welfare, Commercializing Blockchain, John Wiley & Sons, 2019

Blockchain Adoption Is Gathering Momentum

Did you know that annual blockchain technology solutions investment increased 88.7% from $1.5 billion (2018) to $2.9 billion (2019)? And that by 2022, it’s expected to have risen to $12.4 billion? With this kind of growth, blockchain applications are set to become one of the fundamental building blocks of global business strategy.

Growth in projected spend from 2018 to 2019
2018–2022 CAGR forecast
of blockchain applications spend will be in Western Europe
of blockchain technology solutions spend will be in the USA

Where Can You Use Blockchain

As Luxoft is technology agnostic, our experts are free to choose the best blockchain solution for each customer, rather than having to make the same design fit every scenario. Our customer-first approach employs user-centered design to shape blockchain technology solutions that address customer needs. In fact, one of the first things we do is determine whether or not your business will actually benefit from a blockchain solution. Our aim is to find the right solution for your business, regardless of the technological platform.

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if blockchain technology would be a good fit for your organization:

  • Do transacting parties trust each other completely?
  • Do you require real-time visibility of the current state of multiparty transactions?
  • Do you need to improve traceability or the audit trail?
  • Is your business process operating cross-departmental or cross-organizational?
  • Are discrepancies across the systems slowing down your transactions?
  • Do transactions involve expensive intermediaries causing delays and adding risk?
  • Does the business process require frequent offline and batch reconciliations?
  • Can you improve a multiparty business process by automating certain steps?

How Does Blockchain Technology Add Business Value?

  • Drives business efficiency by automating large volumes of transactions
  • Provides transparency where necessary
  • Creates new business models and revenue streams
  • Improves data quality, analysis and decision making

  • Automates multiparty and multi-company business processes
  • Eases regulatory compliance and certification
  • Establishes auditability and trust

Our Blockchain Practice

Luxoft focuses on business outcomes. We use a proven methodology to establish whether blockchain technology can help address your business challenges, then we select the appropriate platform and integrate the solution with the existing technology stack.

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The global practice team is supported by over 300 blockchain experts across the Luxoft/DXC group

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We support you at each stage of your journey with consultancy, development and design and build, as well as ongoing maintenance and support services

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Luxoft has completed over 50 projects from PoC to production and is highly skilled in all enterprise blockchain solutions

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We have experience and expertise in all major industry sectors, focusing on supply chain, mobility, insurance, healthcare and financial services

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Luxoft partners with R3, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and other major technology providers

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Our engineers contribute open source code and collaborate with the wider community

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We are founders of the Crypto Valley Consortium and the Retail Blockchain Consortium

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Our experts provide thought leadership and advanced technical knowledge for value chain, digital identity and modern cryptography

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Luxoft blockchain applications enhance and apply existing blockchain technology in innovative ways to solve specific, real-world problems. Our talented engineers develop user experience and sustainable processes to ensure we get the right business outcome from every blockchain solution.

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