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Blockchain technology is shaking up enterprises across industries, streamlining businesses and delivering data-driven value. Find out how Luxoft can help.

What We Do

Blockchain technology, or, more generally, distributed ledger technology (DLT), is a revolutionary approach to sharing data and automating business processes without a trusted intermediary. Blockchain for enterprises is rewriting the rules of how trusted networks are created, relying on innovation in distributed consensus, cryptographic technologies, smart contracts, and digital identity. This technology is impacting many industries, from finance to healthcare. Using blockchain solutions to integrate and automate your business ecosystem, with the help from blockchain consulting experts from an implementation company, you can open doors to new connections between your data systems – creating differentiated value.

Luxoft is your consulting and software development partner that helps you navigate the complex landscape of blockchain and DLT choices, while supremely focusing on your business needs. We’ll work with you to map your business use cases and applications, deciding whether or not blockchain is an appropriate foundation. If blockchain software is determined to be the right choice, we’ll help you select the right platform and co-create the solution using our iterative, agile approach.

Our Consultants Are Equipped with Technical and Industry Expertise

Every client’s technology and business landscape is unique and, as such, no blockchain solution is the same. We take a consultative approach to every implementation, starting with an assessment of your existing environment and digital agenda. We’ve developed a unique workshop approach that builds on the design thinking methodology and addresses all key aspects of a successful and result-oriented enterprise blockchain solution: business use case evaluation, appropriateness and potential value of blockchain, ecosystem design, technology mapping and roadmap creation. This is undertaken by our consulting team, which employs a multi-disciplinary co-creation approach, combining deep technology know-how, design thinking methodology and domain knowledge – ultimately enabling them to provide the best blockchain services and solutions possible. This experience ensures an accurate understanding of your existing infrastructure and business objectives.

As the technology environment is constantly evolving at great speed, we invest heavily into our blockchain consultants’ professional development – by participating in blockchain-focused consortia and open source projects, contributing to conferences and communities, and participating in blockchain hackathons – ensuring that they’re always on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Customized Approach

We take a considered approach to every enterprise blockchain project we undertake, evaluating the range of available technologies and recommending the most suitable blockchain technology stack based on your requirements. We only ever advocate the use of something as cutting-edge as blockchain software if we are sure it complements your objectives.

Our consultants work with multiple partner consultancies and vendors including and Consult Hyperion. However, we maintain a technology-neutral position to remain impartial when it comes to architecture and only choose platforms we know will meet your needs today and into the future.

Scalable Solutions

We provide our clients with proofs of concept appropriately aligned to your business infrastructure and objectives, but we also have the ability to seamlessly deliver against them. When it comes to blockchain software development and delivery, we provide multiple options to best suit your needs. We give clients the opportunity to scale blockchain technology solutions via our onshore and nearshore delivery model, gaining cost efficiencies from a competitive price point, but without compromising on the quality they require.

At Luxoft, we offer multiple service options to best suit your needs. We have well-defined internal procedures in place to ensure a timely, seamless process from software development to testing and production deployment, and have the necessary expertise to succeed.

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