b-plus and Luxoft: Enablers of the Ego-mover

Jun 14, 2023 by Gregor Matenaer


In brief

  • Data logging is an important part of testing and validation, but it is very hard to achieve successfully. Luxoft and b-plus have combined forces to enable continuous and reliable data logging using our Ego-mover vehicle 
  • b-plus is a market leading provider of measurement technology, hardware and software solutions. Their ADAS measurement platform BRICKplus enables the storage and easy-use of enormous amounts of data from test drives 
  • We’re using our C.FRAME framework which supports real-time visualization of sensor data, offers cross-sensor calibration, and allows users to record sensor data for analysis at a later time 


b-plus GmbH and Luxoft GmbH joined forces and set the foundation for better and faster automotive testing. 


Logging for success


Data logging is an indispensable part of successful testing and validation. Continuous and reliable data logging is also the foundation for efficient bug-fixing during development and system integration.  

Data logging requires profound knowledge and great expertise, so Luxoft chose b-plus as a strategic partner for logging in its Ego-mover. 


Experts working together


With more than 25 years’ experience developing solutions for future mobility, b-plus is an internationally renowned company and engineering partner that offers a wide range of measurement technology, hardware and software solutions. 

The Ego-mover is Luxoft’s test carrier for autonomous drivingit’s an experimental vehicle that offers room for two passengers and can be equipped with various sensors and activators. 

At the Automotive Testing Expo 2023 Europe in Stuttgart, Luxoft is currently demonstrating this vehicle. In its current setup, the Ego-mover uses two mono-cameras and two LiDAR scanners to create a 360° view for capturing environmental data. The sensor data is read out and fused via the Luxoft C.FRAME framework. C.FRAME supports real-time visualization of sensor data and offers cross-sensor calibration. This calibration is the base for a sensor fusion view using all sensor layers. 

With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, C.FRAME also offers the opportunity to record the sensor data, allowing data analysis at a later time. C.FRAME is based on the powerful Qt framework and is compatible with both Windows and Linux. The framework can be easily integrated using popular communication interfaces, like CAN, UDP and TCP. With its integrated support for the Robot Operating System (ROS), you can easily analyze recordings made with ROS or record directly in rosbag. What's more, C.FRAME allows you to customize its functionality to your specific needs using the provided software development kit (SDK) or the Python Scripting Interface. 


Secure data storing with BRICKplus


High-resolution sensors create an enormous amount of data during test drives. Data that has to be stored in a reliable and easy-to-use way. 

The b-plus ADAS measurement platform BRICKplus is the ideal solution for this task. The BRICKplus was specifically developed for the acquisition of raw data from sensors and ECUs etc. during test drives. The platform with an acquisition speed of 16 Gbit/s, combined with the BRICKplus STORAGE Add-On, offers a logging storage of up to 32 TByte. 

With the BRICKplus MI Add-On, its also possible to integrate customer-specific PCI express-cards. The compact rack setup, which is optimized for small spaces in vehicles, allows the whole system to be installed with minimal wiring effort. 

The powerful time-aware platform enables completely synchronous recording of raw and bus data with an accurate time synchronization, both platform-internal via hardware and external via Ethernet with XTSS. 

As an open platform concept, it works with external and in-house software components alike. 

Its compact size and outstanding performance handle data streams with ease. 





Equipped with the b-plus high-end recording solution and Luxoft’s C.FRAME, the Ego-mover is the first step towards miles and miles of autonomous test drives.  


About Luxoft


Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company delivers digital advantage for software-defined organizations, leveraging domain knowledge and software engineering capabilities. We use our industry-specific expertise and extensive partnership network to engineer innovative products and services that generate value and shape the future of industries.


About b-plus


The b-plus Group is with more than 230 employees an international leading development partner for advancing technologies in the fields of autonomous driving, driver assistance systems and the automation of mobile machines. With its development tools, automotive software and mobile automation divisions, it offers its customers a wide range of measurement technology, software and hardware. 

As a long-term partner, b-plus accompanies its customers from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the development solution and beyond. The teams at the Deggendorf, Regensburg, Cham and Lindau locations work hand in hand to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions. 




Gregor Matenaer , Head of System Test and Validation

Gregor Matenaer author linkedin

Head of System Test and Validation

In his role as Head of System Test and Validation, Gregor takes full responsibility for the main sales and project management center for advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) sensors (radar, multi-purpose camera, stereo camera and fusion platform). He has 20+ years' experience specializing in ADAS, including managing the development of a first-generation radar fusion platform at a well-known tier 1 automotive corporation. He previously co-founded the company CMORE Automotive, focusing on AI-driven development after seeing the opportunity to bring ADAS/AD development and testing to a new level.