Building teams for software-defined products

Aug 7, 2023


In brief

  • The article focuses on a report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, co-sponsored by DXC Technology, discussing the transformative role of digital life cycle management (DLCM) in managing software-defined products
  • It underscores the implementation of DLCM in the automotive industry and highlights Luxoft's contribution, a DXC Technology Company, to this software-defined revolution with its digital transformation strategies


Unveiling the digital life cycle management for groundbreaking business value


The landscape of business is rapidly evolving, pushed forward by a surge of technological innovation. At the forefront of this revolution are cyber-physical assets, sophisticated systems that interweave hardware, sensors, processors, software and connectivity into a seamless whole. The emergence and management of these software-defined products are thoroughly examined in a new report co-sponsored by DXC Technology and the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.



The report provides critical insights into how Digital Life Cycle Management (DLCM) — a relatively new field — offers a strategic blueprint for overseeing the end-to-end life cycles of these multifaceted assets. The report expands on the key areas in DLCM, including:

  • The rise of software-defined products necessitates DLCM to guide their development, upgrade and eventual retirement
  • The automotive industry is a pioneer in DLCM, implementing "over the air" upgrades for user experience and efficiency, showcasing how DLCM can redefine products as platforms for enhanced services
  • DLCM encounters challenges such as the need for organizational culture shifts and balancing faster-paced DLCM teams with legacy teams. Yet, the potential benefits, like increased profits and valuable data for product development, make it a promising approach
  • Successful DLCM requires dedicated platforms, agile teams, faster delivery pipelines, and concurrent, model-based engineering that intelligently couples hardware and software development
  • Regulatory considerations and compartmentalization for adequate prototyping are crucial, serving as a gate to confirm idea viability before entering the re-engineering phase


Envisioning a future of platform-driven business


Within the report, the automotive industry stands as a pioneer of how DLCM can bring revolutionary changes to the field. Through the creation of advanced software platforms, carmakers deliver advanced functionalities "over the air", resulting in bespoke driving experiences and significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

The insights from the report underline the inevitability of a future where every industry will utilize cyber-physical assets. As this future unfolds, DLCM will enable organizations to manage the complexities of these systems and harness their potential to create new business opportunities.


Pioneering transformation: Luxoft’s role in a software-defined world


Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company, is at the forefront of this software-defined revolution. Luxoft's pioneering strategies fuse digital innovation with enhanced user experiences, redefining how cyber-physical systems are developed and managed, particularly in the automotive industry.

Luxoft presents an innovative solutions portfolio that together represents a powerful approach to digital transformation. The Digital Cockpit solution exemplifies their commitment to delivering a sophisticated, user-friendly interface that enhances driver engagement and safety. Moreover, Luxoft’s Software Factory, which incorporates Agile and DevOps methodologies, accelerates software production cycles and ensures faster market delivery.

Connected Vehicle solutions leverage IoT technology to connect vehicles to larger transport ecosystems, facilitating real-time data sharing, improved safety, and efficient fleet management. Furthermore, Vehicle Data Services transform the vast amount of data generated by vehicles into actionable insights.

By combining deep technical expertise with a visionary mindset, Luxoft stands as a valuable guide in the software-defined world.


Embrace digital life cycle management for new business value